thread: Cow's Milk...fact or fiction???

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    May 2008
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    Cow's Milk...fact or fiction???

    My son is 10 months old....and I thought it was ok for him to have cows milk in his cooked food (just not as a full bottle) IYKWIM. I just told a friend about a great recipe I was going to try for his dinners and she totally freaked out cos it has cows milk in it....roughly one cup spread out over 5 dinners. Is that really ok or not??

    So far the main thing I have been wary of are honey, nuts and eggs. Are they the main danger ones??? Feels like the rules change every week lol

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    My MCHN said it was fine to use cow's milk (instead of formula) in cereal for her, so I guess in his dinner it would be ok, it's not like he will be drinking it straight and it's not a huge amount.

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    You're not supposed to give them cows milk before 1, but I think that means don't give them a big cup of milk IYKWIM. I have been putting butter and milk into his foods since he was about 9 months. mostly things like butter in mashed potato etc.

    I thing its a trial and error thing. Why don't you make your recipe and then give josh one serve. freeze the rest. Wait 3 days and see how he goes, you'll know if it's not working.


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    Meh, my boys have eaten meals with cows milk ingredients since they started solids and they are all just fine! Even had it with cereal. I just think they mean as a main source of liquid you shouldnt use it til 12mths as their bowels and stomach arent matured enough to cope with large amounts til then.

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    Cows milk is not to be given in place of breastmilk or formula before the age of 1 but it is fine to use in cooking from 6 months, along with other dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese.

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    i was talking about this with MCHN on friday - DD loves vegies in white sauce - she said it's fine, provided you keep an eye out for reactions to it. DD gets a bit bound up if she has too much dairy (it has cheese in it as well) so we just have to make sure to limit how much she has. i think the worry is about people replacing BM or Formula with cows milk too early. in cooking, it should be fine (especially as a lot of the lactose etc is broken down by the cooking process)

    just keep an eye on your kidlets - if they have any sort of reaction (bound up, loose movements) they may not be ready for it yet.

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    May 2008
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    Thanks guys That all pretty much confirms what I thought was the after reading this Ive given Josh the meal tonight and as Ella suggested, Ive frozen the rest so I can wait n see how he goes.

    It made sense to me that it would be ok, since he eats other dairy like cheese n yoghurt without any problems