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Thread: What happens with the placenta??

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    Default What happens with the placenta??

    Salaams lovely ladies!

    I have a question with regards to Childbirth, and in particular birthing the placenta - Islammically, what do we do with it once it's come out? Are we meant to keep in and subsequently bury it because it is a (very important) part of the human body? Or are we allowed to let the hospital dispose of it if we are giving birth there?

    I would much prefer to bury it anyway, considering its purpose as an important organ with a specific purpose during pregnancy, but I would love to know the Islamics behind it, if anyone knew!


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    You are meant to bury it.
    If you ask the hospital they will package it up in a takeaway container for you, it's a pretty common request. Get them to write it on your notes because you might forget at the time.

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