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    Getting extra help

    We've been TTC roughly 6 mths and I have a medical condition (chronic illness) which allows me to get extra help after 6 mths of trying

    However, considering my age and the fact that I already have 2 beautiful kiddos I don't feel I have the right to ask for extra help when there are so many other couples with no children and with worse fertility problems than mine

    Isn't it funny how sometimes you feel more comfortable typing on a keyboard than talking your problems out IRL?

    I think I'll feel really selfish if I ask for help yet my illness has the potential to stop me having any more babies

    Hard decisions :?

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    Jun 2003

    This is a tough one and I think only you can answer this question. But I totally understand what you are going through. I am feeling the same way. I have PCOS and my cycles are going stupid. My dr has said that if I haven't concieved naturally in 6 mths then I am off to see a specialist. Half of me wants to see a specialist and the other half says if I can't do it naturally its unfair to try anything else. But as a girlfriend once said to me (and she was on IVF for nearly 10 yrs prior to concieving her first) just because you have one (or two in your case) child doesn't mean it doesn't hurt that you can't have more (naturally). IMO if you want more children and the help is there then I think you should go for it.


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    Pietta Guest

    As always I agree with Cailin. DH and I started TTC coz I have PCOS and I was told i wouldnt have kids without help of some sort. I was so blessed to concieve straight away, but really I can't see how you wanting to bring a beautiful loved baby into the world is selfish. For all of us who need it, there IS help, so take advantage of it. Dont look back and feel horrible coz you didnt do what your heart said.