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Thread: How Young is "Young"

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    i think under 22 is young... I think 23+is a more common age to start having kids.

    I had Zach just after my 17th, bella when I was 19 and will be having my 3rd while im still 20. At 20, I still class myself as young but compared to all the mums in my Young mums groups and at the Young womens clinic... im not really that young anymore afterall lol

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    I see I'm much older than you, but I have my story as well.
    I had my first son when I was 20 and I am going to be having my sixth child ths year! I'm 30 now.

    DH was only 19 when I met him 4 yrs ago and he gave up everything so that he could be a Daddy!

    To me, by the time our children are in their 20's we'll be old enough to travel and do everything we have always wanted to do.We are still young enough to go out if we want but we choose to stay at home and raise our 5 nearly 6 children.

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    I'm 22 and Matt is 27 but there's no way we're to young. I've always felt and been told that I'm an "old soul" and since Matt and I have been together, apparently he's settled down a heap.

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    I guess that 25 is young when the 'average' age for children is closer to 30. But how rude of people to judge you for YOUR decisions! I am 25, DH is 26, and if we are ever lucky enough to fall pregnant we will be THRILLED. We have been together 7 years, have a house, are both employed, and financially stable etc- having children is the next step for us.


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