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Thread: Im a 16 year old mum. 10week old bub

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    Default Im a 16 year old mum. 10week old bub

    my bday is march 9th. and i was 16 n 3 months when i had my baby lachlan. my bf ben is the daddy of my lil man and he is still with me and has stuck by my side through it all he is a tad older he is 21.
    when i found out i was pregnant being 15 i was really scared and worried what people would think, my parents where really good as my mum was 16/17 when she had her first baby, i didnt no who to tell or who would want to no. but after everyone new it was heaps easier.
    I dont think i could of done it with out ben tho he was there from the start, he was there at birth and he is still here now. he is great daddy..

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    I was a young Mum (once ). I fell pg with my first DD, Alecia when I was 14, and it is hard to tell your parents that you are pregnant!!
    Unlike you I had no partner to help me out, but I did have the support of my Mother and Father, they were fantastic, and there is no way I could have managed without my family.

    Lachlan, is very lucky to have a Daddy who loves him, and I think Ben knows how lucky he is too

    Good luck and I hope to see you around the forums


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    Congratulations on your little man Lachlan.

    Another young mum here. Once upon a time. I was 1 week off 17 when I found out I was pg. I was living with my then partner and we stayed together for 7 years and had another son together.

    I wish you lots of luck on what can be a beautiful journey having a child at such an age. Just means you have lots more time to have more bubba's, like Tanya and I

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    Just thought I would say hello. My mum had just turned 16 when I was born, and my father was also 21.
    My mum did everything she could for me and I have so much respect for her for all the sacrifices she made for me. She did it by herself, my father left when I was about 6 months old and she had very little family support. We never had a lot of money, but when I think back to my childhood I don't remember not having things - I remember all the fun times. She always told me how important it was to finish school and go to uni, which I did and for which I give her full credit because I know that without the 'school is good' attitude at home I wouldn't have done it. A couple of years ago she went to tech and finished high school, I was so proud of her. She is now very happily married to a lovely man, only 40 with her kids out of home and a lot of life left to enjoy.

    A lot of people out there are quick to judge and assume a young mother is not a good mother but don't listen to them. I know first hand that it is not the age of the parent that matters - in my opinion what counts is maturity and attitude.

    Good luck

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    Hi. Your story sounds so much like mine, (except I am 18 and my bf, also Ben, is 24).
    My little baby boy was born july 10th, and although I ws scared before he was born. I just couldn't imagine life without him now.
    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with everything.

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    I fell preggers at 16, had my son 3 months after my 17th birthday.
    Good on you guys! It's always good to see girls who make a simple mistake face up to their responsibilities, along with their partners! You should be feeling really proud of yourselves, parenting isnt easy, but it sure is rewarding

    Best of luck with Lachlan!

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