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Thread: Acupuncturist in Adelaide - recommendations ?

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    Default Acupuncturist in Adelaide - recommendations ?

    Hi all,
    I'm considering trying acupuncture and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for a practitioner in Adelaide - also interested to know if anyone has had any success (or no change) relating to follicle numbers after acupuncture treatment ? I only get about 2 eggs with 325 Puregon - latest IVF both were from my left side and none produced on the right!

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    Well2Health at the end of The Parade at Norwood
    I will PM the details of the person I saw, they run sessions through Repromed as well.

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    Hi Deni,
    I see Carol Horn in Joslin. She is wonderful. She was recommended to me by my clinic and she knows a lot about IVF. I only have one ovary and since having acupuncture (and reflexology in Parkside) my egg numbers have increased from 1 in my first cycle to 7 in my 6th cycle. I got a BFP on my 6th cycle too but sadly miscarried. I'm definately keeping up the acupuncture and reflexology though becuase I'm certain they've both helped immensely (even if just to help me relax). I'm also on a high dose of FSH, I swtiched from Puregon 300 to Gonal F 375 (and from synarel to lucrin) and that may have impacted my increased numbers too. Good luck to you... I hope you get your BFP soon!!

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