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Thread: Advise please - Lap yes or no??

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    Default Advise please - Lap yes or no??

    Hi, I am after some advise. Maybe someone has been in the same or similar situation.
    Our issue is male infertility and we definitely will have to go through IVF/ICSI. I seem to be fine so far. I had a few blood test, etc and they were all fine. I have regular cycles and ovulate. However, over the last months I have experienced quite a bit of pain during intercourse (sorry TMI), which I never have experienced before. I've talked to the FS about it and if that could be endometriosis, as I know this is a symptom. I don't have any other symptoms (my periods are actually quite light and not very painful at all). We talked about doing a lap and she basically said that we can do one just to be sure. She doesn't think it is essential, but also understands that it might be a good idea for peace of mind and to make sure everything is fine (and if not to do something about it). On the one side I ask myself if I should put myself through surgery if not absolutely essential, but then on the other side I want to give myself the best chance of success with IVF. I guess peace of mind is also important as IVF is alreday stressful enough.
    I was just wondering is someone has been in the same position and what you did?

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    Hey hon,

    I had a lap as kinda routine infertility testing and glad I did. I had a lot of endo cleared out (and I had never had any symptoms at all) I had the lap in Jan and got my BFP at the end of April (with IVF). I personally feel like it helped but not sure what that belief is based on...

    I found it fairly simple, wasn't terribly painful, period style pain for a day or so and that was about it.

    Not sure if it helped but that was my story

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    Hi Kristine08

    I was diagnosed with endo back in 2001, after a brief period of pain in my abdomen, pain during intercourse etc. Had a hastily arranged lap (the day after I saw the gyno), and he removed the endo, plus discovered I had PCOS. I'd always had painful ovulation, but my cycle was regular as clockwork, and no heavy or prolonged bleeding. I'd gone on the pill a few months before the pain started, they reckon that was an aggravator for both the endo and PCOS (sudden change in hormone levels).

    I had another investigative lap when I started fertility treatment, just as a matter of routine, due to my history. Didn't find much, but it was good reassurance for me. I had a couple of days of recovery, sore tummy for first day or so, but nothing a heat pack and some panadol couldn't fix.

    It is a big decision, whether or not to have voluntary surgery, and its your decision to make. Like glenny_c said, you don't always have to have obvious signs of endo, for it to be there. Best of luck in your TTC journey!

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    I would have to say yes. I know many BB ladies who have had laps done as a routine and endo (and other issues) have been found. I am one of them. I had stage three endo and adhesions and fibroids and the only real symptom i had was infertility! We still needed IVF/ICSI due to DH, but at least I gave our cycles a better chance with the endo etc removed.
    It's a pretty minor procedure really. It's not much fun, it's actually not too bad in terms of pain etc. And the cost if IVF is so much, that if you can rule anything out with a lap, then I think it's worth it. It will provide you with peace of mind.

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    I agree with everyone, have the lap. I had a lap done as my FS was pretty sure I had endo - and it was EVERYWHERE. On the inside and outside of my uterus and even near my bowel to an extent. He advised that he liked to do laps so that when he does IVF then he knows he has a clear space, so to speak, for your little embies to implant.

    Good luck
    Sue xxx

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    Hi ladies, thanks so much for your replies. I feel much better. I will have the lap, otherwise I just will keep asking myself if something is wrong. While surgery is never a nice thing, I think it will be worth for peace of mind and to clean everything up should they find anything.
    I thought I might be crazy putting myself through surgery, so thanks a lot for your stories. I think I just needed someone to tell me they would do it too. Lap is all booked for 2 weeks time. I'll let you know how I went.

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