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Thread: Cetrotide and Nausea

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    Default Cetrotide and Nausea

    Hi ladies,

    Just wondeirng how many of you have experienced nausea with Cetrotide? I'm not feeling the greatest today, almost like I've been in a car for a really long road trip. My stomach is churning a little and was hoping to hear positive reassurance if you have experienced this kind of nausea too?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kimmi xx

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    Hi there Kimmi, I haven't taken Cetrotide during my cycle so no help there. Been taking the Crinone, Progestrone gel and breasts feel very tender. I saw yr msg re. my transfer. All went ok, not much pain at all, except I was busting for the loo right afterwards and scared I may have lost my embryo down the drain but I have been ensured it not possible. I'm just not feeling anything physical at the moment and so worried but just have to wait and see... My blood test in not till 9 Aug.

    How are things with you?


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