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Thread: failed first cycle and have some questions

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    Default failed first cycle and have some questions

    HI everyone
    AF arrived tonight with a vengeance so I have failed my first IVF cycle unfortunately. We had one embie transferred at day 5 but no frosties. I have a few questions, wondering if anyone can help.

    1. We have an appt with FS next Wed. Is there any reason why we shouldn't try naturally this month and if so, will temp charting work ? (wondering if the hormones/stim cycle might muck my system around)

    2. Is it usually okay to have another stim cycle after one month out ?

    3. Any other advice ???

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    Hi, sorry your cycle didn't work. (It failed, not you)
    I don't think there's any reason not to try naturally.
    I think they generally recommend waiting at least a month between IVF cycles, but it probably depends on the circumstances. I think after our first cycle failed we only waited one cycle before another stim... but I can't remember now it was so long ago.

    All I can say is hang in there. The first one often doesn't work, and indeed can be a dismal failure - there's always a lot of trial and error as they try to figure out what will work for your body. Getting an embie to transfer on your first cycle is pretty good, so hopefully next time you'll get the right embie.

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    Awwww sweetheart you didnt fail IVF is just luck of the draw on any given month IMO. I agree, I dont think there is any reason why you cant try naturally. My angel baby and my DD are both the result of 5 years of unsuccessful treatments, we were on an unplanned 18 month break when we realised we were pregnant!

    The first cycle is usually pretty crappy and all about adjustments and learning about how your body responds. So hopefully your next cycle will bring you that much wanted precious baby. Sending you heaps and heaps of

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    I'm terribly sorry to hear that your first cycle didn't result in a pregnancy. It took me two cycles to fall pregnant with our precious little "Apple Blossom". I didn't even get to transfer in our first cycle because all our embies had chromosome abnormalities. Our second cycle we were lucky enough to have one healthy little embie for transfer, and our luck held because we're now almost 14 months pregnant. I hope you have a similar story and that you get lucky next cycle! We were told to wait a month between our stim cycles so that my ovaries could recover from the stim and from the egg retrieval. I don't really see the harm in trying naturally though, because if your ovaries are recovered enough to make a nice egg and you fall pregnant, then that's axactly what you are aiming for anyway

    Oh, at a guess, I would think temping would still work too. The meds you take during cycles are given daily because they have such a short half life and leave your body so quickly, so you body should be free of the meds quite quickly.

    Good luck!!!

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