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Thread: How did you choose your clinic?

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    Question How did you choose your clinic?

    Hi everyone,

    We are thinking about going back to TTC #2 and I have spent all morning phoning IVF clinics to find out information - primarily sucess rates and costs. Geee it has been hard - most don't want to give out costs - saying that the Dr will go over them in the first consultation. Grrrrrr

    With DS we went to the clinic which was a 300m walk from home (soooo handy!), but we've moved now and we don't have any frosties, so we are starting afresh.

    So I am interested in how did you choose your IVF clinic?

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    Hi Ruth08, i didnt know i had a choice in clinics, being in complete shock we even needed IVF i just had my first appointment with a specialist and he refered me to IVF australia, im on the central coast so options are limited but im very happy with my clinic, being a smaller clinic its nice to have a close relationship with all nurses and the DR, as iv heard many clinics are so busy they dont really have the time to chat and have that relationship. Hope this helps, and goodluck with your new journey xx

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    Hi Ruth,
    I haven't had any personal experience in this, however I know people IRL that have, and I also know a couple of women who work at the IVF clinics where I live. From what I've heard, success rate and word of mouth seems to be the common thing for peoples' choices of clinics.
    Good luck with your TTC journey with #2.

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