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Thread: I'm new! Going through ICSI for the very first time

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    Default I'm new! Going through ICSI for the very first time

    Hi ladies! I'm new to this whole forum thing. I wanted to come on here to share my story with you other women who are going through a similar situation. It's all good and well to speak to your family and friends about things, but I feel it's good to speak with those who know exactly what you are going through as well.

    I am relatively young to be going through this. I am 25 years old and my husband is 30. We have been married for almost two years and have been ttc for about a year and a half. When I went off the pill, my cycles were all over the place and really, really long.

    Long story short, I went to the doctor and found out I had PCOS. I was then referred to a gynocologist who put me on clomid. It was successful in making me ovulate each month. We tried the clomid for three months timing everything perfectly with no success. My husband was then sent for a sperm test and we found that he had an extremely low sperm count of approx 1.8 million and very poor motility and morphology.

    We were basically given a 3 per cent chance of ever conceiving naturally which was really heart breaking. I didn't cope very well with this news. We were then referred to a fertility specialist who said he strongly recommended we do IVF with ICSI. I am now doing the down regulation part of the cycle and looking forward to the stimulation phase! I should expect to have my transfer in the first week of September.

    Any other ladies at the same point as me? I would love to share our experiences and go through this journey together!!!

    PS Sorry for the essay!!

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    Hi Danni_Girl

    Hop over into this thread as we are all going through the ups and downs of IVF/ICSI! They are great support and the thread gets more traffic than in here.

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    Thumbs up Ivf/icsi

    Hi Danni!

    Your story sounds very similar to mine. Both my partner and I are 26 and we have been TTC for approximately a year a half now. My hubby's swimmers aren't all swimming and going in every which way!

    Anyways i'm also starting my treatment really soon at MIVF! Just got word today that everything ready to go! Im extremely nervous and unbelievably excited!!

    Fingers crossed its a smooth process!!

    Good luck and hope it all goes well!

    Tima ..... xoxo

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    Default Me Toooooooooo !!!

    Hi lovely ladies, I am new too. Unexplained infertility and just started my first ICSI cycle at MIVF on July 29th which I am very excited and hopeful about. I had my first scan last Wednesday (day 7) with 9 cheeky follies on the smallish side (grow little follies grow ) so my FS uped my Puregon from 150 to 250 and I have another scan Monday (day 12). I am feeling great (so far !!!) .. but I know it is very early days and I wonder how I will feel after egg collection, the transfer and ohhh how I am going to dread the 2ww Looking forward to traveling the journey together with updates on how you are doing. Sending you lots of positive vibes throughout your first assisted cycle. Lets hope for all of us that it is our one and only
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    Default Fingers crossed for eveyone!

    Hi ladies! Thanks for replying to my thread! Great to know that there are other women out there going through a very similar situation to me.

    Our stories do sound similar Tima, I'm doing the down regulation thing at the moment, due to start my Synarel nasal spray on Friday for two weeks then it's the lovely injections

    Fingers crossed for you Strawberry Swirl that this is a successful cycle for you!! 9 Follies is great! I wish you luck for the egg collection and transfer...keep us posted on how it goes!

    Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you ladies real soon!

    Take care x

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