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Thread: IVF or keep trying???

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    Default IVF or keep trying???

    Hi Guys,

    New to the forum so HI everyone
    I have some questions so hopefully i can get some input. My husband and i have been TTC for 18mths with no luck... So we went to the doctors.. Ive had a ectopic pregnancy about 5 years ago and still have both tubes and all is good with OH So doctors sent us to Specailist after test etc she said on paper there is no reason we cant fall pregnant normally so we can start IVF or keeping trying for a few mths and see what happens

    Has anyone been in this situation and fallen naturally? After ectopic etc?
    What does everyone think?

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    Hi Manda and welcome to bellybelly

    It's really up to you guys. Are you happy to keep trying, or would you like to try something else? There are other options before IVF that might be worth considering, there may also be other testing or treatments available to you. It can be a very taxing and trying journey but no matter what you decide, you'll find lots of help, support and advice here - there are lots of others on BellyBelly who've been through LT TTC, IVF or other forms of assisted conception. Like me

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    Hi Manda,

    I agree with Marcellus, it is totally up to yourself and depends on how "desperate" you are at the moment to fall pregnant. Are you happy to go along for a bit and just see how you go?
    For me, I had to be in the right head space to even think about IVF. It took me 2 years from my infertility diagnosis until we actually started our IVF cycle.
    There are loads of lovely ladies on this forum to throw your ideas off, and I am sure you'll get some more responses.

    Wishing you all the best.
    Sue xxx

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