thread: NK Cells / Frozen Cycle under Dr Gavin Sacks

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    Nov 2008

    NK Cells / Frozen Cycle under Dr Gavin Sacks

    I am just about to start a frozen embryo cycle, after transfering my 2 frozen embryos over to Dr Gavin Sacks from another clinic. I recently changed to him (he is fantastic & highly recommended!) due to 4 previous early miscarriages (via IVF) and a diagnosis of elevated Natural Killer Cells (after 6 fresh IVF transfers & 3 frozen).

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a successful experience / pregnancy under his NK Cells protocols (prednisolone / clexane) using frozen embryos?

    I need to take 37.5 daily doses of Gonal F (& not the standard medication for a frozen medicated cycle - ethinyl estradiol) from about day 4 - 13/14 + prednisilone / clexane etc. I've never heard of this process for a frozen cycle (I've only ever taken Gonal F for fresh stim cycle).

    I'd really appreciate anyone elses experiences / positive outcomes via a similar process under his care?

    Thanks heaps!

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    Dec 2005

    Hi Roxygirl, and welcome.

    I didn't do my IVF cycles under Dr Sacks, but I did consult him and I did adjust my treatment according to his advice. I have mildly elevated NK cells and a few other health conditions which made things really interesting for getting me pregnant and keeping me pregnant. In the end it was prednisone, metformin and aspirin which got us our forever baby. Because of my other health problems I was unable to take the full dose of prednisone that Dr S suggested as it would make other issues worse, but we managed to find the safe dose for me in the end.

    First, I assume do not ovulate naturally? It's actually not that unusual to have a frozen cycle managed in the way yours is. Mine were all done by inducing ovulation (I have PCOS and do not ovulate) and having the embryo put back at the appropriate time after ovulation. Some clinics use clomid, others use low doses of the stim drugs (puregon/ gonal F) that are used for stim cycles.

    I know that Dr S has been the answer to a lot of problems with a lot of other women as well - I think you can have complete confidence that Dr S will get you pregnant and keep you pregnant. He really is a wonderful man.


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    Nov 2008

    NK Cells / Frozen Cycle under Dr Gavin Sacks

    Thank you so much for your reply "BW" it really is appreciated. I have read a number of your previous threads & they are all very informative. It's great to have people like you who take the time to pass on their experiences / knowledge. It's also great / comforting to know that you have your precious 'forever baby' after all you have been through. It gives all of us who are still trying some hope that we might also be blessed with our own little miracles.

    Good to know about the clomid / Gonal F similarities for frozen cycles - I didnt know Gonal F was also used. I do ovul, but a longer cycle, this now makes sense.

    I'm hoping Dr Sacks will also have the same positive effect on us!

    Thanks again.

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    Aug 2006

    Hi Roxy!

    I too went to see the famous Dr S and followed his protocol with my FS is Melbourne over seeing everything. I prefer to do frozen cycles with gonal F as you are. this is because i have PCOS and do not ovulate naturally, i prefer to do this over a HRT cycle. It seems that a number of FS are also switching to this process too!

    GL with your cycle and i hope that you get your positive news soon

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    Sep 2009

    Hi girls I was recently diagnosed with elevated nk cells by
    dr sacks.. I actually never got to talk to him re results
    he spoke to my fs!! Just curiuous as to how much prednisone
    you take? I am taking 30g per day plus clexane inj and
    one cardiprin!
    I have just had ET on thurs so I'm hoping this little one sticks.

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    Nov 2005
    Langwarrin. Victoria

    I am another of Gavin's success stories...we had elevated NK cells in the uterus even though the blood levels were fine...we did 25mg prednisone 40mg clexane and cardiprin.....I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant on an IUI cycle that we were doing while saving up for our next antagonist IVF cycle and we now have our little one year old after sufferin 5 losses along the way. Gavin liaised with our FS here in Melbourne re all the doses and protocols etc and it was our second IUI cycle using his protocols that we were successful.