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Thread: Possible IVF first timer

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    Default Possible IVF first timer

    I'm currently in my tww of my 3rd IUI cycle and i'm not positive that I'll be getting a BFP this time around (BT this Friday 13th!). In speaking with my FS last round, if we didn't have success after 3 rounds of IUI then we would move to IVF. I understand what IVF is but I want to get a better understanding of the timings and processes that take place. After a second round BFN from IUI I spoke with the nurses about moving straight to IVF and they said it should be ok but would have to consult with FS the meantime they made an appointment for day 21 of my cycle both with the nurses and the councillor. In the end FS said no to IVF for that round - but what I want to know is why does nothing happen until sooo late in the cycle?? What's the process after day 21?? Sorry for the long winded story - it's probably not what I should be focussing on but I am the sort of person who needs things mapped out for the next 12 months!

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    um, not sure what sort of IVF cycle you'd be going into...but in a long cycle, you go on the pill first...and start that when AF arrives..maybe they made the appt at the end of the cycle, so that you could then be ready to start the pill?

    not sure, but wishing you luck!

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    Hi Baby2Bee,

    In the past I have only done down regulation cycles, I normally have am appointment around day 21 to plan the cycle. Then when AF arrives I start the pill. After being on the pill for 21 days, I start Syneral, they overlap for 7 days, then stop the pill, a few days later AF arrives (so a full month on the pill). I have a scan and BT on around Day 2 of the cycle to make sure hormones are suppressed and ovaries are quite. Then start stims on Day 3, scan and BT on Day 8 or 9, another scan and BT on Day 12, if all is ok, trigger that night and EPU 36 hours later.

    If you are doing a down reg pill cycle, you need to add that extra month on the pill, which is a bit of a drag. The other cycles are flare and antagonist, which I don't know much about as I have not done yet, one of which involves Syneral still but not the pill, and you can basically start these right away. Each protocol has different benefits.

    GL with what ever you decide or if you keep going with IUI. Hugs

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