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Thread: Spotting in luteal phase-IVF

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    Default Spotting in luteal phase-IVF

    Hi Every-one

    I started spotting 2 days after day 3 transfer. This continued until my period came.

    Has any-one had this? Worried it is the reason it did not work.

    Thanks x

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    Hi shell30, dont know if im much help but our last FET i had a small spot of blood the same day of transfer, i rang the nurse and they said most likely form the transfer as there are lots of sensitive blood vessels and are easy disturbed. I then started to spot (this time was proper spotting) 6DPT, i had a early BT the following day as i wanted the horrible news over and done with but with a total shock i was pregnant! but unfortunetly i lost our little angel a week later. So the bleeding dosn't always indicate its not going to work but if your concerned talf to your FS because i also had conserns as my previous 2 tries i bleed before my BT's. I was then put on 4 pessaries a day to help supress everything better. goodluck xx

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