thread: Starting IVF

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    Sep 2008

    Starting IVF

    Hi All, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

    I had an appt with my FS this morning. We were supposed to begin IUI treatment. But now my diagnosis has been changed from PCOS to a chromosome disorder, and I must undergo IVF. My whole world has changed, and I feel numb

    I am all for IVF, and want to go ahead with it, but I'm am not seeing my FS for another month. At the time i didnt think to ask why, but now I'm wondering why I have to wait so long to see him when we know the plan of attack???

    I am also wondering how long it takes to begin IVF treatment? Are there waiting lists etc??

    Many thanks

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    Aug 2006

    Hi Manhattan,

    I'm sorry you have bad news and have to go down the IVF path.

    In my experience there are no IVF waiting lists, it's firstly about when your FS is available to see you and then it's about what your IVF treatment will be and where you are in your cycle. Unfortunately I've found IVF to be all about the waiting - you are always waiting for something.

    Once you see your specialist it should just be a matter of waiting for Day 1 of your AF and you'll be starting your treatment.

    Hope this helps and best of luck with your journey.


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    Oct 2007

    Hi Manhattan,
    on finding out that you are heading down the IVF path - I hope that you find lots of support here on your journey to your baby.

    One thing I do know about IVF is that nothing happens quickly - or never seems to anyway! It does seem to be common that it is hard to get into see your FS - they seem to juggle a lot and hence appointments can be difficult. My FS was always available by phone, and I would suggest that if you have questions about your treatment or where you are heading and you dont want to wait for a month, then call and see if you can either talk to them on the spot, or make a time to talk to them sooner than a month.

    As for your questions regarding waiting lists for clinics - I did not experience this with my clinic. You generally need to see the accounts depts, nurses and councillors before you can start your treatement program. If you know which IVF clinic your FS works through, with the OK of your FS, you might be able to book organise these appointments now, as they can often are booked out a few weeks ahead. This way you dont have further delays once you see your FS again - plus you might be able to get further info on your treatment to help you to prepare for what you might go through. Be prepared for it to take more time to start treatement if you need more tests, and to commence your treatment - you might not walk out of your FS in a months time ready to go, it could still be a little while before you start meds etc. Depending on the type of IVF cycle you commence, the lead time can be long, and starting will depend on where you are in your cycle when you see your FS.

    Take this time to do lots of research, to get your and your partners physical and emotional state in a good way, and to get some 'you' time (and even to save some $$). IVF can be very draining and any time that you can take to focus on you and your relationship will only help you through this journey.

    Wishing you lots of luck!

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    Sep 2008

    Thanks FG

    I have found that it is already draining me, I only found out about this yesterady, and I havent thought about anything else since. I am so glad that I'm here on BB, I have already had so much support right from the beginning of my ttc journey.

    I have already come up with ways to save $$$, its amazing what you can think of when you put your mind to it.

    Thanks again