thread: Success with FET?

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    Oct 2007

    Success with FET?

    Hi all,

    Just trying to find those who had a successful FET. I am on my second FET 2ww now and was wondering what the odds were? A straight search on the internet is doing my head in! One says 30% others say less than 10% any one have info on up to date stats?

    I had nothing with a fresh transfer (not even a twinge) but lots with a natural FET (which ended up in a chemical pregnancy) so am quite hopefull with this second FET.


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    My FS tells me that if they survive the thaw then she has pretty much the same success rates.

    Good luck with your TWW

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    Feb 2008

    Buggirl - I am now a day overdue to give birth to my little HRT FET. I was like you, didn't come close to falling pregnant on my fresh cycle, but the FET worked an absolute treat for me. Like Muppity said if the embryo can survive the thaw, then it must be pretty strong and have a good chance.

    I wish you heaps of luck on your TWW.

    Janie xxx

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    Mar 2008
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    I am also told same success rates as for a fresh transfer.
    I had success after a FET (lost the baby, but that was due to other factors withme)
    good luck!

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    Mar 2008
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    hi there...I had a successful clinic also says similar success rates with fresh or frozen. I ended up losing that baby, but as I now know, that was due to other factors with me.
    Good luck!!

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    Aug 2008

    I had success with FET although I too lost the baby for other reasons. I was told the same - if the embryo survives the thaw the chances of success are no different than a fresh cycle. Sending sticky vibes your way.

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    Feb 2007

    I had success with a FET.

    My beautiful boy is now 6mths old, and sleeping angelicly in his cot.

    Dont worry about success rates, %'s etc..... just look after yourslef, rest, relax (as much as you can!). Miracles do happen.

    Good luck. Fi.

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    Jan 2006

    My gorgeous 9 month old boy/girl twins are the result of my second FET. They were our last two frosties that took. I always think to myself why were these two left until last? On my fresh cycle I was told they picked the two strongest looking embies and from that transfer I ended up with a blighted ovum resulting in a D&C. My first FET I lost two in the thaw and had two transfered... BFN and my last two little embies that I had left BOTH took and we now have the most amazing miracles because of it. Keep believing... miracles do happen!!

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    Nov 2007
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    I'm currently 10 1/2 weeks pg with 1 baby from my 3rd FET of 2 embryo's transferred.

    I got a BFP from my fresh transfer but lost that one, my first FET (2 embryo's) was a BFN and then my second FET (2 embryo's) was a suspected ectopic and subsequent miscarriage. All of the 6 embryo's which thawed non were lost due to a poor thaw rate. So based on my numbers I got BFP's for 2 out of the 3 FET's I've done or you could look at it that of the 6 FET's transferred only 1 took. So you could say it was either a 66% success rate or a 17% success rate.

    Rate of success vary so much, depending on whether day 3 or day 5's are transferred, the quality of the embryo, how your body is prepared etc. The best thing is to look after yourself and hope to have a good thawed embryo transferred and then let nature take it course.

    Good luck and I hope you have your BFP shortly.

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    Hi Buggirl, I have always had faith in FET because you body is most close to natural and my one and only BFP was from my first FET, although I lost it due to other factor.

    I never had luck with fresh transfer after all the poking and probing and my body just not relaxed enough. If the embyro survived the thaw and cell recovery are over 75%, it is considered a good thaw. One of mine was 95% and the exact words from FS was 'as good as a fresh transfer'.

    I hope this time around you will have your longed for BFP!

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    Jan 2008

    i was told about a 17 % with FET but as the others say you just don't know. i know of a girl who got preg on first FET and yet i had 5 and did not get any BFP? you just don't know.
    i did read the other day in this IVF and conception book at a book store that stress plays a big part in it and that stressed mums have less chance of a BFP. who knows

    good luck and hope for that BFP soon

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    Feb 2009

    Hang in there. They only freeze the best ones, so there are really good chances with FET. In fact, I have been told that FET make super healthy babies because of what they go through with the de- thaw process!