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    I had a look at a 2001 Toyota Tarago yesterday & I couldn't find any ancher points that coudl be used if I was to use the back row of seats. Only ones where on the back of the seat of the middle row.
    Thats useless to me as the middle row was too narrow to fit 3 cars seats. But was it likely to just be this model that didn't have any for the back row? or is that standard & I would have to get soem fitted?

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    Hi Fiona, i have no idea but maybe contact your local Toyota dealer?

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    Hey Fiona,
    I don't know if this helps at all but alot of the older people movers require a bar accross the back to anchor the car seats. We had one fitted in our old van for about $190 but that was a few years ago now.

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    I'd talk to the Toyota dealer, surely they can put in another couple of anchor points. Our car came with 5 anchor points one for each seat in the back.

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