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Thread: Feeding heaps of kids - recipes for 6+

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    ABC in my town has started printing recipes in their newsletter that they say feeds 10 -12 children. So I thought it would make a good post as obviously if it is on the childcare menu it is nut free allergy free and all of that AND kids must like it??? Always smells yummy there anyway.

    RECIPE: Chicken and Vegetable Ragout
    4 large chicken breasts
    2kg bag home brand frozen vegetables
    3 brown onions
    1/2 pumpkin (diced)
    4 zucchinis (sliced)
    3 packets of 10 fantastic noodles
    1-2 packets of liquid chicken stock

    Dice chicken and fry with a little oil until brown
    Place all vegetables in a large stock pot with chicken stock and cook until soft
    Boil water in large pot and cook fantanstic noodles
    Strain and mix with chicken and vegies.
    If you want you can cut up noodles with scissors.

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    Ill see if the kids like it!!!!
    My slow cooker has been a god send with my bunch...
    Any recipes for a "brood" would be great....

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    DH love this dish.
    1kg pork mince
    minced garlic
    1 1/2 cup peas
    5 - 6 large potatoes sliced

    1 1/2 tblsn oyster sauce
    1 tblsn soy sauce
    1 tsp dark soy
    2 cups of water
    adjust seasoning if necessary to taste.

    brown the potatoes in a shallow fry pan in batches in dash of oil.
    brown the mince in batches.
    fry the garlic, add mince, and potatoes. Add seasoning, cover and simmer till potatoes are cooked through.
    Add peas, stir, dish up when peas are cooked. Enjoy!

    To the above receipe, you may use other meat eg. chicken wings maybe used and add more vege if wish. Serve with rice or pasta or eat as it is...happy cooking!

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