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    Jun 2003


    Just wondering what size fridge you have. My SIL is currently pg with twins which will turn their family of 3 into a family of 5 and she's currently looking at getting a new fridge. We have a 403 ltr fridge/freezer (the freezer is more though) and a 309 ltr upright freezer. I don't know what I would do with a smaller fridge :shock: and hers is tiny like something a single person would use. They recently got a chest freezer which is good but just wondering what size fridges you guys have? And would you recommend any brands over another?


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    My mother (mother of 5) had a chest freezer and it was always choc-a-bloc with food........hardly any convenience stuff, but full to the brim of bread, soups, casseroles and meat......

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    We need a freezer as we only have the fridge/freezer and it holds nothing. Arron brought a chest freezer and then to my annoyance used it for stinking bait for fishing, now I can't stand fish so I will not put other stuff in there with the stinky fish. The upright freezers are easier to get stuff into and out of but the chests seem to hold more. I am going to keep looking for a 2nd hand one.

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    We have a 371 litre Fisher & Paykel with standard freezer up top, and also a 334 litre Samsung same style. Both are always chockers, especially the freezers. We buy really cheap bread & freeze it & that takes a lot of space, plus frozen casseroles & spaghetti sauce etc, icy poles, ice cream, meat, little parcels for the bub & the pussycat.

    When DH & I got together we just kept both fridges & find we need them both, but we could organize the space a lot better than we do.

    I love the F&P fridge even though it's 12 yrs old now, (it was my very first brand new major appliance, sigh) & would recommend it, but the littler Samsung takes fatter bottles in the door.

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    Cailin you should get your SIL onto BB, she seems to have a lot in common with me