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Thread: Holiday ideas for big families????

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    Default Holiday ideas for big families????

    I've been looking for holiday ideas near the beach for my family for the end of this year (2 adults and 8 kids- OMG that sounds scary)

    Does anyone have any holiday ideas that dont involve tents! I am so not a camper (bugs, spiders etc)

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding accomodation. So many places have a limit of 4-5 people in cabins etc.

    We went on a holiday in Victor Harbour SA and rented a holiday house but it was a bit creepy really. Some of the owners clothes like jackets etc were in the closet. I think I prefer places that are for tourists rather than someones house they actually use themselves.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    I've stayed in lots of holiday homes and never once encountered an owner's anything so maybe the jacket was a one-off.
    Try the realholidays website. I'm pretty sure they have an option where you can type in the number of people.

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    We have been to a few self contained places that can cater for up to 12 (loads of bunk beds though LOL) but that's in NSW, not sure if you want to travel that far. Do a bit of googling and visit gostay, lastminute, wotif etc and surely you will be able to find something there.

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    Yep, we tend to rent holiday houses too.. usually a lot cheaper than motels, and you get full kitchens to make feeding cheaper too...

    We have never encountered personel belongings, but most have a locked cupboard where the owners leave their own things...

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    There is a place in Anglesea that is called holiday rentals or something like that. you can rent a furnished house in the area. Nice small coastal town with most things in walking distance from each other. It's not too far from you, but far enought to feel like a holiday IYKWIM...

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    Default holiday places

    I've looked on under the rental section, then holiday rentals. Most tell you how many you can sleep. We've just had a great Easter in a holiday house that slept 10 people and pretty reasonably priced. No weird stuff either.

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