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Thread: How will i cope??? guidance wanted please

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    Default How will i cope??? guidance wanted please

    Well girls, after just having a beautiful little girl 6 months ago, im pg again, with number 4. She (we hope) wasnt planned just so soon but im wondering if anyone can give me their ideas on
    - coping with school routines
    - equal and quality time shared with all siblings
    - family time
    Ive got a hand full having a 6yo at school, 5 yo with special needs and Vy, let alone another baby so any ieda would be appreciated.
    thanks heaps chickens

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    Maz, I think it's safe to say, just go with the flow!! Everybody gets there own special time, even if it means sitting beside me chatting whilst I'm feeding Angel, or with me when one of the little ones are in the bath.
    It all kinda just pans out.
    Don't fret, I panicked when I found out I was PG with Angel.

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    i have 4 children 9,7,20 months and 16 weeks its rewarding but very crazy
    the advice i have for routine is preparation i do lunches the night b4 when kids r in bed
    i make sure there uniforms are all there as you already no its crazy of a morning so i wake up to the 20 month old getting up when dad goes to work and she will lay on the lounge now because 20 month old cried that sets the baby off so i feed him a bottle change him and sit baby in lounge room then i change 20 month olds nappy then 9 and 7 get up i then make 9,7,20month old breakfast then 9,7 get dressed for school and i dress the little ones
    mornings are usually the hardest as alot of the time we have to get up to the baby in the night and sometimes that can be a couple of times
    you probably new all this i just thought id share my mornings with you
    good luck

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