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Thread: Seat for the back of Station Wagons...

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    Wink Seat for the back of Station Wagons...

    WE have been considering have a fourth, and im just curious, does anyone have "d!ckie seats," the seats that fit in the back on your station wagon?? I have been wanting them anyway, with 3 children it woudl be nice when my family visits from perth to ahve room in my car for them. Where do u get them fitted? And how much do they cost?? Thanks guys....

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    Hi Simone,

    If you call your road and traffic authority they will tell you where you can get it fitted, I need to put another seatbelt in my Landcruiser and thats going to cost around $250. You're probably better getting something bigger anyway if you can afford it because if someone rearends you in the station wagon with the d icky seat its very dangerous.

    I hope Anneliese is feeling better, hun. Have you tested

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Simone - dunno how you go about getting one but we had a ****ie seat in our SW when we were kids. We loved it!

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    The prob is i cant afford it...I cant even afford to buy a pg test, let alone a new car!! And i so wanna test

    I loved being in the ****ie seat, and it will be more of a back up until the next one comes along

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    hi simone
    ive just had my forth baby and we have 3 extra seats in my ford station wagon and we love it i have asked the man where who i brought the car off and he said hed get me a phone number to give to you
    we have 2 in the front 3 in the middle and 3 in the back i think it costs about 1500 dont quote me but thats what i think it is
    ill get back to you when i get the number

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    A di**y seat is extra seats added to a car after market. We have seats in the back of our ford station wagon. We originally got them for when we have other peoples kids with us which ends up happening fairly often. I am now pregnant with number four so they will be used more often. I suppose they aren't as safe as seats in a people mover etc, however, we have more space behind our seats than a lot of four wheel drives or people movers do. The rta should be able to tell you where to get them from. In Sydney you would be looking at at least $1500.00 depending on they type you need.

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    Dont know. I was thinking about this myself after my last post. Ours were factory fitted by ford with matching upholstery and there is definitely more room behind them than there would be in a kluger or ford territory, those seats fold away underneath, I cant possbily see how they would be safer. We have a 3 seater d***y seat in the back so our car now seats 8 all up and we can still fit a jeep wagoneer two seater pram (very long pram) behind them with a little space left over. I doubt you could do that in a kluger or ford territory.

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    Hmmm... I don't understand why they would be more unsafe either.
    We are thinking about getting a Swagon and having the d**ky seats installed too so we have room for the kids friends etc.

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