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Thread: Should we or shouldn't we..

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    Default Should we or shouldn't we..

    Hey guys! Well I figure there are lots of you around this forum that have lots of kiddies! Well.....DH and I are in talks of having number 4! Our others are 8,3 and 7mths. OK, well the main things I spose that concerns us are
    • money
    • new car to fit everyone in!!
    • room in our house (3 b.r)
    • money
    • money
    • money hahaha

    The other concern I have is coping with m/s and having 3 others to look after also. If we did decide yes, then I would prob want to TTC when bub now is about 2yrs old.

    Just wondering how everyone else coped with the above issues! TIA!!

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    LOL, you sound like I did about 14mths ago

    When we decided to take the plunge, our kids were nearly 6, 4 (just) and 2.5. Money wise, well the way we saw it was even if we never had another baby, we would still spend the same amount on the 3 we did have kwim? It wouldn't be costing us that much more to have #4 (in theory, but so far it's proved true, we aren't struggling with extra costs or anything).

    Now the new car situation was a different kettle of fish altogether LOL. We looked at nearly every large car/people mover on the market (I say nearly as there were a few that came out after we made our choice) and settled on a Holden Captiva LX. It won't matter what you choose, they all have bugger all space for luggage/prams, so if you plan a holiday, plan on either taking a trailer or hiring a pod for the roof.

    With the house, ours is only a 3br too. Luckily #4 was a boy, so now having 2 of each it makes the room situation a whole lot easier. Had he been a she, we would have given the girls our room, as it is huge - more than enough space for three girls.

    With the pg, honestly it was rough for the first few months (until about 14wks from memory) but I got through it the best I could. It took me by surprise as I had never had m/s that bad with any of the others before. But once I got over that it was great. Once the baby comes, it does take a bit of effort to get yourself into a routine (not the baby, me LOL) and you just have to be a little more organised than what I normally would be. It was hard going back to having to pack nappy bags etc.

    But most of all, I love it. I just can't imagine life any other way than with the 4 kids we have. I know I have completed my family, although the other night DH said 5 would be OK if we ever had a *surprise* baby - I just told him to put those thoughts out of his head until after his vasectomy LOL.

    Good luck in deciding.

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    Hi shellbelle

    There are always so many things to worry about when trying to decide but if its what you really want when the time comes none of it will matter IYKWIM!

    When we went from three to four we had a commodore wagon and got a ****ie seat put in and then went from 4 to 5 and got another ****ie seat put in nad then we decided that it was too cramped and so we started searching for a vehicle that suited all our needs! It is impossible for the older kids to use those ****ie seats in most four wheel drives , and Dh wanted a 4wd. I wanted a van as i figured at least all the kids would have decent leg room. We ended up coming across the mitsubishi delica, you can get these in 7 or 8 seats, plenty of leg room and if Dh is keen it is also a 4wd! You can even gt a short or long wheel base! Trust me if you do like these look at the long wheel base as you get heaps of room behind the seats! Unfortunately the one we got was a short wheel but when we update we will go the long wheel for sure!

    As for coping through the pg you will manage, we all do somehow! I found that i would ( and do again now as we have a surprise 7 on the way) get really tired just after lunch so i just have a nap in the day time when DS does! Dh is great too and helps out as much as possible and so do the older ones which is great!
    As for the house, we have played the shirley shuffle game here quite a bit! But now we are extending ( hopefully real soon) as we jsut have no room left and everything is sooo cluttered!
    But at the end of the day my theory is if it is meant to be you always find a way to get around it!!! Good luck either way, it is definately wonderful having a large fam though!!!!

    Sorry if too long !

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