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Thread: Is travel a hassle?

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    Default Is travel a hassle?

    I am seriously thinking about talking to DP about #4... I told him NO MORE when I was pg, but I reeeaaallly want a boy (even tho I am scared stiff of them 8-[ ) and I am scared I will end up with another girl (even though I love little girls O )

    My biggest concer is (among many others) car space. I don't want to go up to a larger modle, I have a 97 Magna wagon and I have recently bought a ****y seat for it. Does it get oo much with 3 car seats in the back seat?


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    Hey Tanya, don't fret about having a little boy... DH and I freaked out a bit when we learned that I was pregnant with my DS 3 yrs ago and now we can't believe we were so worried! We were prefering another girl because i guess we loved our DD so much it was within our comfort zone. I had also worked at a ELC where a lot of boys had challenging behaviour and this had kinda put me off boys a bit. Our darling little DS is so different to what we had expected a boy to be like: he is so sweet, helpful, loving, observant and does actually enjoy peaceful activites like drawing. I had stupidly assumed a boy would just be constantly running amok! We are also worried about logistical issues like transport with 3 children (and I don't drive!) but I think I'll cross those bridges when they arrive. DH and I know intuitively that we have a lot to offer 3 children so everything else will just have to sort itself out on a needs basis! Good luck, follow your hearts

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    Hi Tanya!
    Glad to hear that you are thinking about trying for another one!
    It is hard sometimes with the transport side of things,and i wont tell you it is easy,but we have worked it out fine,and i only had a little Barina when Dominic was born...Boy was it hard to fit a car seat and a capsule in that!
    Dont stress about not being able to handle a boy...i was really worried about it when i found out i was having Dom after 3 girls,and everything just seemed to fall into place...All my friends have little boys,and they have been a great help to me.
    Our little man is the sweetest thing that happened to us (especially when i was resigned to having another girl,and actually checked him myself when he came out to make sure he was a boy!)
    I have found all the hardships of having another child have been well worth it,and especially when i take him to something like the Christmas parade we had tonight and i see the look of wonder on his face and the way he looks at me...*sigh* I never get tired of it lol
    Sorry for rabbiting on but i wish you all the best hun,and i know you will make the right decision for you and the family in the end...
    And make sure you have fun trying! I found it was only after i had accepted the fact that there was a 99% chance i would have another girl that Dom came along...
    hope i have helped you a little hun!

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