thread: Ex Hairdresser Etiquette

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    Ex Hairdresser Etiquette

    This is not something that keeps me awake at night but it still niggles me a bit.

    I saw my ex-hairdresser for about 10 years. He's a great cutter but I found that towards the end he perhaps thought I wanted a more conservative haircut than I did and with a bit of gentle persuasion he could have got me to have more interesting cuts. I guess I just felt like my custom was being taken for granted and I was a comfy old slipper customer.

    Then when I rang and they couldn't fit me in for ages, it was kind of the last straw. I'm not a primadonna but it peed me off. Not their fault but they could have just been nicer about it.

    So I switched. Thing is ex-hairdresser's salon is at the end of my street so I see him quite often. Usually when I'm looking dreadful. There was one memorable incident when I'd had a bit of a mad "how hard can it be to cut my own fringe" morning and absolutely massacred it. And then promptly bumped into ex-hairdresser.

    I guess what I'm really asking is if you've had a hairdresser for a long time have you felt like you should offer them an explanation for why you switched or do you just think that's what happens in their business and no explanation required.

    I feel bad because I saw him for years but just switched without saying anything.

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    hmmm interesting! I have no idea! Sorry
    will be interested to see what others say

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    It's tricky... When I first moved up here to Vegas I went to a hairdresser who talked me into the worst haircut ever. And colour, after 5 years of growing out to natural! I was devastated - but she did an amazing eyebrow job at the same time. Do I go back, with my newly coloured hair and say "ummm, errr, can you do my eyebrows again but don't you dare touch my hair" or just leave it?

    Soooooo awkward.

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    351 DH and I both went to the same hairdresser, David, for years, and he was really good, and able to deal with my indecision about what I wanted to do with my hair. Anyway, that was when we lived close to him. Over the years we have moved further and further away, and DH needed a haircut, so went to a barber, Mick, down the road to get it done. And is happy to keep going there, coz he does a better job on DH's hair, and is cheaper. I have continued to go to David, but I don't go very often...Anyway, after DH's first visit to Mick, he felt all guilty like he was cheating on David! So funny!!!

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    No hun i dont think you owe an explaination. Its just what happens in that kind of industry.

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    I hear you Fiona ... my hairdresser of only two years just doesn't get it ... i don't want subtle old ladies colours ... i want a hairdo with more modern hints to it ... it's like when i explain what i want they don't have the colours i want or i get talk out of it with answers of "Oh, it's just going to fade and won't look good". I get a gut feeling i can't have the same cut or colours as a person younger than i, sounds so silly but feels so true !!

    You don't owe the hairdresser any explanation ... they should just guess if they notice you missing that you weren't happy with something At the end of the day they aren't your friend if you know what i mean

    Hope you are on to a hairdresser that gives you what you are happier with