thread: What do you think? What would you do?

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    May 2005

    What do you think? What would you do?

    I hope this is the right place to post this??? This is an ethical question I guess.

    I frequent a couple of buy, swap, sell pages on facebook; where people can buy, swap or sell secondhand items. I have noticed quite a few times that there are some people who significantly mark up the price of the items they are selling, often so that the price is much higher then it would be retail. And people (seemingly ignorant of the actual value) actually purchase these items for these inflated prices. If people make a profit, well then good on them.

    Now, generally speaking, I am all for 'free' trade and market value (ie, let the buyer beware - if they don't research then its there problem). But I have found situations where it just hasn't sat well with me ethically or morally, where the buyer has been someone very new to the the type of product sold, or where the mark ups have been HUGE (in excess of $100, on a product that would ordinarily cost brand new between $80-150). I have found myself feeling uncomfortable with my knowledge, but not knowing what the ethical thing to do is at that point; where I am not involved in the transaction, but merely an observer. I generally just sit back and leave the issue to be resolved (or not) by others - but that lack of action sits uncomfortably as it makes me feel as if I am an accomplice to the action. IYKWIM??

    Do you / Would you have any ethical issues with making a profit from an unwitting buyer?
    Have you seen / been involved in this kind of situation?
    What do you / would you do (if anything)?

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    I agree with you, I think it's wrong. I'd be PMing the person buying with a RRP of the item and a friendly message. That way maybe they can bargain the person down. I know some people would say that's too involved, but I agree with you, there's a lot of marking up on those pages.

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    I agree I'd have to say something...I'd probably post on this and making a innocent comment like don't these only sell for $x new?? That way warning others not just current purchaser

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    I see it too. I have sold alot of things on those sites. I always sell for less than I paid or if it's brand new and not been used then I state what I paid and if ppl want to pay that they will if not I am open to negotiate. I aways research what I would be getting so generally aware of the actual $$.

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    The sheer number of times I see things like this happen makes it completely impractical to pm every person whom I see as a 'victim'.

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    Is there a way of contacting the page admin? If there are some who are regular culprits, maybe something needs to be said, even if not directly, but more of a FYI post to the wall.

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    What do you think? What would you do?

    It's happens all the time on the other big E page.
    I have sent a question before and reported abd sure enough item got re listed at reduced price. It happens when actual retail stores list items but 'forget' item is on sale in the actual store. And I mean like $50 difference on some things.
    I think they think people in rural areas will just buy it.
    Always pays to do some home work.

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    I saw the other day a business selling raffle tickets! Not for fundraising but for a big "sale" and the prizes would be drawn this way. I think some people should be reported for how they run their businesses. Especially on fb.

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    I had a look at the ACCC site about over charging but I couldnt see anything specific. There is a bunch of stuff to do with misleading practices that may count.

    I'd contact the administrators or report them.

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    I am an admin in a couple of local buy & sell groups on FB. We see this stuff all the time. We ask our members to PM an admin with any concerns. A lot of members will bring it to the attention of the buyer or seller that it is cheaper elsewhere. We have found that some people honestly believe they can sell their used things for the same amount they paid for it. It is difficult to get some people to understand that it doesn't work like that. Just because you paid $800 for a cot 12 months ago doesn't mean you can get $800 for it today. It blows my mind the things that some members do.

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    I agree I'd have to say something...I'd probably post on this and making a innocent comment like don't these only sell for $x new?? That way warning others not just current purchaser
    This is what I do too.