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    Smile Acupuncture, Perth

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend where to go for acupuncture in Perth. I've just started ovulation induction, and though this might help as well.


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    Hi TL,

    I have been to Menla Healing in Victoria Park - 08 9361 9511. The lady practitioner is familiar with natural fertility treatment and with acupuncture to assist. I had my first stimulation cycle of ivf and had an excellent result with the eggs harvested and fertilisation. I think that the acupuncture helped.

    Best of luck with your journey!


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    Try Geoff Brothers at Nedlands Natural Health (Hampden Rd, Nedlands).

    Geoff specialises in fertility-related acupuncture and chinese herbs. I've been seeing him for 12 months to help with ongoing stress as well as fertility. We're also just about to start OI and I'll still be seeing Geoff in conjunction with this.

    He's very easy to talk to about anything and I'd recommend him to anyone.

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