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Thread: Advice re injections for ovulation

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    Hi there,
    I would appreciate any advice, we have had 3x clomid with no success and now our specialist wants us to try injections in order to conceive. Has anyone else had success with this without proceeding to IVF? I have seen some research from the US that doesn't sound very promising at all. I have also read about the side effects, has anyone had the over stimulation syndrome? Thanks heaps,

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    Hi Emily,

    Sorry I can't help you b/c I have never been on clomid. We have male factor infertility so have to go on IVF straight away.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.


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    Emily - Hey hun I had 5 failed rounds of clomid started a low dose of injections and got 20 eggs we were just going to ovulate then try on our own.. I was told on the monday do not BD and we had on the weekend I am pregnant now I have never had a cycle in my life never ovulated but the low dose worked... Just a suggestion though not trying to scare you please read about Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome I have a severe case of it this is week 2 in hospital but I wasn't aware to the extent it actually went to so please ask your FS for all the information on OHSS and ask what the worst case scenario is I wish I asked but I wish you all the best hun and hope you only have one lot of injections and get your little bumble bee

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    Smile thanks

    Thanks for your replies, I really appreciate your advice and info. Its hard to stay positive, and the Clomid made me really sick so I am nervous about the injections. Our FS seems very positive that the inj will work and therefore avoid IVF.

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    Emily I was TTC for 2 years and after only 1 OI cycle I fell pregnant with my beautiful daughter!! I personally havent had any issues with OHSS but they did tell me it was a small but possible side effect.

    We're now TTC#2 and have just finished our second OI cycle. Once again no significant side effects.

    Good luck hun. Hope it all works out for you xx

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