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Thread: Any Perth ladies been to Fertility North??

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    pebbles Guest

    Default Any Perth ladies been to Fertility North??

    Hi there, Im new to BB (not so new to ttc) and would like to know if there is anyone that has been or is going to fertility north and if your experience has been good/bad? I have my first appt next Friday and would just like to know a little about this place as I believe it is fairly new. Just so you know a little about me: I have been dx with moderate endo, dilated tubes and fibroids. Had a lap in November to remove the endo (inc cyst) and adhesions. Have been on 25mg clomid (this is my 3rd month) with obviously no luck. Am thinking seriously about skipping any IUI's and heading straight to IVF. What do you guys think and what should I be ready for at my first appt.

    Thanks heaps!

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    skyelar Guest


    Hi Pebbles & welcome to BB!

    Sorry I am from Sydney so I know nothing of your clinic. Just wanted to let you know that we skipped IUI after 8 months on Clomid & were successful with our first ICSI cycle.

    If possible I would have all your file info etc with you or sent ahead to the clinic before your appt. My first appt involved going away for routine blood tests ie testosterone etc etc. Our 2nd appt we signed all the paperwork for ICSI.

    Good luck & keep us posted

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    pebbles Guest


    Thanks skylear for your advice. How long between your appts? Im so keen to get things started asap because I have heard that the optimum time to get pregnant after a lap is 6 months and that is approaching quickly.. Is there a reason you did ICSI instead of IVF. Are there many differences?
    Thanks again

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    Hi Pebbles, I am from Perth, but different clinic. I am at Hollywood Fertility Clinic.
    I have endo & now only 1 tube. Our DD is a clomid baby. So now it's onto No. 2.
    At our first appointment we did the work on blood tests. And even though it had been 5 months since my last lap I got booked in for another, public system at KEMH so knew there would be a 3 month wait.
    In between we tried a couple of IUIs, then a couple more after the lap, then it was onto the IVF and subsequent FETs.

    Be open & honest with your doctor, hope he/she is a good one that you can feel comfortable with. It seems that you know what you want, how long have you been TTC?

    Hope it goes well.

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    skyelar Guest


    Hi Pebbles, the time between my appointments was only around three weeks. I was really lucky that my cycle coincided with the Christmas break & we got underway really quickly. My first appt with my Dr was at the end of October, follow up in November & started my stim cycle in December. All in all I was on the IVF rollercoaster for less than 3 months!

    We went with ICSI as it was the same price as IVF & gave me a better chance of higher fertilisation rate. The scientist injects a single sperm into the egg with ICSI, as opposed to allowing the eggs to fertilise on their own with IVF.

    Good luck & keep us posted!

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    Hi Pebbles
    I'm from Perth and have been to Pivet and Concept. My preference is Concept though. I have a gf who is with Fertilty North and she thinks they are great - all good experiences for her. I do recommend that you make a few appts with different drs at different clinics - get second opinions and a better idea of the services provided. I live in Warwick so Fertility North is close to me but I prefer to go to a clinic that is closer to my work because of all the early morning scans and bts that you do.

    Best of luck.

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    pebbles Guest


    Thanks guys for your replies.
    Tam, my dh and I have been ttc for around 16/17 months. Not so long compared to some but long enough. I havent heard too many success stories with IUI especially when it comes to endo so I would rather save the money on that and do ivf rather than waste money on IUI and then have to pay for ivf. Does that make sense???
    Magic, My original preference was going to be concept as I had been to a seminar there before and really liked the place but then I heard about fertility north. I live in Clarkson and work in Padbury so it made sense to choose them for the proximity. I will see how I go. My appt is with a trainee there but everything is overseen by one of the head drs so I figure it cant hurt. Trainees may be keener to do everything 100% right. I can always change dr's if I dont feel comfortable I s'pose.
    Skyelar, that was quick for your appts, I hope mine can be. Im very impatient.. Something I must work on is patience.
    Thanks again, if anyone else has any words of wisdom they could pass on that would be most appreciated.

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    Hi Ladies,

    I have been going to Pivet and as far as i can see at the moment they are quite good - have a review appt on thursday.

    Magic - why would you say concept are better?

    Just want a few opinions?



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