thread: Article on IVF and increased risk of Birth Defects

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    Aug 2008

    Article on IVF and increased risk of Birth Defects

    I just read this article - IVF babies at ?increased birth defect risk? | Silver Scorpio - International News | Spot News | Top News | Flash News | Live News (it was picked up in the local papers here as well) - and was fairly surprised. Neither my clinic nor my FS mentioned this - although, it would have a zero impact on our decision to pursue ivf as we don't really have a choice. Has anyone had a discussion on this topic with their dr? What did the dr say?

    Here's some more info: - mentioning both ivf and icsi - great, we are using both - I really would like to hear some good news instead

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    Mar 2005
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    Although one article posted said they have taken into account other risk factors (I am assuming age being one of them) it didn't specify and so without knowing more information about how the study was undertaken I would take it all with a grain of salt.
    The fact that birth defects are higher in babies born of ART says nothing about the causal relationship between IVF and ICSI and birth defects.
    Certain fertility problems may increase the chance of birth defects, ART aside.
    Studies are very easy to manipulate and the media love to jump onto a story
    Without reading the full study and knowing which journals it has been published in it is hard to know how valid the information is.
    Every single IVF/ICSI baby I know is perfect....especially mine!

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    I read a little snippet on this in the Herald Sun today. Made me a little edgy to be honest, but I haven't asked my FS yet.

    There are many many babies born each year as a result of IVF or ICSI (my FS said 1 in 50), so I guess there can't be too much concern if the process is producing healthy babies and happy parents.

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    I read that too Buliej....whilst researching the safety net thing!! Bit unsettling, but I guess, when there's little option........