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Thread: Concept Perth - epu procedure

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    Default Concept Perth - epu procedure

    Hi there,

    I have my epu scheduled for Monday morning and DF is not keen on doing 'his bit' at the clinic. Ive been told that he will be advised in the morning what time he needs to produce the sample.

    He is a bit embarrassed about telling the receptionist at the desk he needs a container to take away.... i dont want to laugh cos it is a big thing for him. We live over hour away from the clinic but we are staying 1 night at a hotel in the city so he wants to go back there to collect and then drive back over to clinic for drop off.

    I just wanted to ask those who have been at Concept what the procedure is when u get there. Do we both go in together or just me to prep for theatre? Approx what timing for his collection ? after they have my eggs? or when i go under?

    Anyone else done the collection at home?

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    I've been using Concept for a few years now but we have to use Donor so I can't really help with that part.

    Which doctor are you seeing?

    All I can say is that Concept are fantastic, very discrete and they will know what is going on. If your DH has any concerns maybe ring them and ask prior to going in?? Maybe you will be able to collect ctr the day before and bring it in with you??? Not sure but may not hurt to ask.

    My collection was done very early. In surgery at 7am.

    Hope that helps!! Good luck

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    Thanks Bec. Turned out there werent many people around on Monday when i had epu (concept can get very packed and crowded sometimes!) so he just did it there.

    He said his bit was not near as embarrassing or invasive as all the things that i have to go through. He's been really sweet and caring and tells me everyday that he appreciates what im going thru to give us both a child.

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    Hi Ladies
    Well im new at belly belly and new at ivf so i was just wondering how you all got on at Concept as iv just started with Concept this Month and im about to go for my follie scan.How was your outcome? was the epu painfull? love to chat

    Aisha36 DH 54
    DS19 DD17 DS16 DD11
    First time IVF

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    i have done 2 epu at concept.
    my DH likes my assistance with his sample

    we let the nurses know when they give us details and times that i will help him, then when you arrive they give Dh forms to sign while i get taken through to ward to change into gown and sign forms.

    then we both go into the "tv" room and wait for embryologist to come and talk to us about our embryo. then i go with Dh to give his sample. when he has done that i get taken straight to theatre and do epu. they tell DH i will be ready to go home in about 2 hours from when i go to theatre.

    the room for the sample is right next to the waiting room, they have tried very hard to make it private and discreet, but Dh and i have a giggle each time.

    Concept are fantastic and the staff are wonderful

    good luck with your cycle

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    Hi Ladieshow is your progress going?well im getting excited as in the morning i have my U/S and hopefully the epu on tuesday so im so keen to see if it will be all ok as its another step closer to my BFPHow was your weekends? iv just had a lazy one not doing much just watching telly and sleepingtalk again later take care

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