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Thread: Dr Michael Cooper RPA TV show

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    Default Dr Michael Cooper RPA TV show

    Just a quick one to let you all know, that Dr Michael Cooper, the man that cleared my endo is on the RPA TV show tomorrow night (thursday the 1st March) at 930 pm. It well worth a watch. He does surgery on a young girl who has complicated endo, like myself and she ends up falling pregnant.. (ooppps probably have spoiled it for some) Will be well worth a watch...

    Leis x

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    Thanks for that darl,

    I love watching RPA i have watched that show for years, plus i love watching saving babies now too, mind you i am always crying hahahah i just love show's like them
    i wish we had pay tv so i could watch labour ward and all them other shows,

    anyway thanks for letting us know

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    Leis- I never watch it, but happened to see that one. Cried when she gave the good news!

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