thread: effects of clomid / hormones

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    effects of clomid / hormones

    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone has experienced negative side effects of taking clomid or similar fertility drugs?

    I have found I have put on quite a bit of weight since starting taking the drugs (did 4 cycles on it so far and have now stopped taking it). I also found the last cycle that I took clomid I had extremely severe cramping when my period came (1 day late). The cramping started the day my period was due but wasn't as severe, got worse over night and then really bad the next morning and then my period started.

    This cycle I decided to try without the clomid and I haven't had any cramping (though it was still unsuccessful).

    I'm not sure whether to try clomid again or not. Actually I'm at the point where I'm not sure if I want to keep trying at all. It is such an emotional roller coaster isn't it.

    I was on the donor hunt (for sperm donor) for over 2 years and have now been through a clinic for 5 months.


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    Hi Lori,

    I had some fairly horrible psychological effects with Clomid, depression and anxiety, and after 4 cycles if the 4th wasn't successful Shel and I had decided to have a break and give me some recoup time to get my head back together!

    Physically, over the course of 4 cycles I got every side-effect except hyperstimualtion. Yes, I found Clomid to be really exhausting, and each cycle was so different to the last that I never knew what I was in for. I did put on about 6kg from the starting of TTC to when I got pregnant, so I thought that might have a lot to do with the Clomid as well. The cramping I had wasn't any worse than the cramping I had usually so I can't helpwith that...

    Clomid worked for us but sometimes it just isn't right, so don't be afraid to ask you FS to review your medication and try somethign different. Also don't be afraid to have a break and try again in a month or two.

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    Hi Lori, ... i tired the clomid for 4 straight cycles about 5 years ago and i had every side effect listed but yet not the most common side effect being blurred vision ... i remember the first time i was taking the clomid i was waiting for a heaps of friends to turn up at a restaurant in Oakleigh (i was living in the Sth East at the time) and the minute they turned up i suddenly went into a mad body sweat ... i felt so awful ... and then they asked me was i feeling ok as i was i so red as a beetroot & it wasn't a hot day ... OMG, i now know what it's like to go through menopause with hot flushes, augh

    I don't even know why my Gyno (also an IVF specialist in Melb) at the time put me on clomid as my ovulation cycle was fine Nothing came out of taking them and i don't know why but i felt i was wasting my time taking them i honestly couldn't see how they were 'helping me' (he was a Gyno with very limited answers) ... Anyway, i fell pregnant a couple of years at 39.5yrs of age without having to take clomid !!

    Wishing you the absolute very best Lori Take super care !!! xoxo

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    Not taking Clomid

    Hi girls,

    Well I have now had one full cycle without clomid and it seemed to run exactly the same as the previous one on clomind - 5 weeks, ovulatating with a follicle at 24mm around day 21.

    However this month - 2nd cycle not on Clomid, my body has decided to go back to it's old tricks of weird cycles. I had my first scan day 14 and no dominant follicles (largest was 9mm) but this was standard on previous cycles as well so I assumed it would be right by the 2nd scan on day 17. We still went ahead and booked accommodation and flights to go interstate for donor insemination for day 20. However 2nd scan showed the lining had increased but the follicles hadn't and I was told I might not ovulate this cycle - and that this is not unusual "most women have 1 or even 2 non-ovulatory cycles per year". Anyway they booked me for a third scan on day 21 just to check and my follicles have reduced in size and so has my lining.

    Now I have no idea when my period will start again - prior to starting fertility treatment my periods ranged from 4 weeks 3 days to 8 weeks 1 day. I have been given a pill (protestron) to take to bring my period on in a couple of weeks if it hasn't started.

    I guess after that I will go back on the Clomid again and see how it goes. I never expected it to be this hard. I concieved my 12 year old daughter accidentally when using contraception and only seeing her father once a fortnight. I know that was a long time ago but the fact that everything was against me falling pregnant then and I did, I expected that when everything was in my favour I wouldn't have any problems.


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    Hi hear you Lori ... after given birth to my DD when i was 40 both my midwives seemed so confident i would fall pregnant easily again because my body had now had a baby ... they both said yeh start trying for no#2 bub when DD is about 12mths old ... well, we started trying when DD was 14mths (though i didn't feel ready, it was my running out of time cause of my age that prompted us to go ahead sooner than we really wanted to) ... Well, we have been trying for 2years come this July ... I just wish the midwives didn't instill such false hopes within me because it has just set me up for more disappointment

    To respond to your question in the other thread (for Ballarat Mum's) ... i actually wish i too had an answer as When do we stop trying ??? ... Feels so strange & so sad cause at times i feel like i am going through some sort of grieving process as i get further down the track of 'not' falling pregnant again i feel like i'm getting further away from it happening ... also cause of my getting older (I turned 43 in Jan). At times i despise getting older because of my situation ... it's like a cruel reminder in 'not' conceiving my body is telling me hey you are old or getting old, ... Augh such an awful feeling

    You are probably like me and get fed up with anyone mentioning "Oh, but you should feel so fortunate that you already have a child" ... well, funny thing usually that's coming from those that have TWO children already & to top it off had no problems in conceiving quickly ...

    Lori i can only say we are not alone with these feelings of disappointment ... always know i DO understand some if not a lot of what you might be feeling.

    I keep saying no one has told me the door is shut so i keep trying when i know there is a window even if it's a small window that I DO (and so DO YOU Lori) have the opportunity to fall pregnant & have a baby again ... Remember no one has said No you can't

    Take super care, ...Big hugs from Lorelle
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