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Thread: extra help for IVF/icsi

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    Unhappy Chinese herbalist, accupuncture, naturopath Help

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering what else I could do to increase my chances of getting pregnant on my next FET,was hoping for some feedback on Chinese herbalist, accupuncture, naturopath or anything extra that can help, looking for a good referal in the Melbourne South region, would appreciate any help, thanks !
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    Hi there

    I have heard of a woman in Melbourne called Ruth Trickey who is a naturopath. I haven't personally seen her but she writes books and practices on Women's health/fertility. She or her clinic may have some ideas for you.

    She practices out of the Melbourne Holistic Health Clinic in Fairfield, I think! Welcome to the Melbourne Holistic Health Group

    They have naturopaths, AP etc there.

    Best of luck with it all

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    Hi Hope

    I just saw your thread. I would definitely recommend seeing a Chinese medicine practitioner, specifically acupuncture. There are now a few studies that confirm doing acupuncture, especially just before and after transfer, improves pregnancy outcomes. Even my GP recommends it!

    I have been seeing Mary-Jo Bevan at Steven Clavey's Apricot Grove clinic in the city, and also while she is away Annalise Drok in Fitzroy. PM me if you want their details.

    I noticed Dusty mentioned Ruth Trickey - I have heard great things about her too. I tried to see her last year in December but was told she isn't taking new patients anymore.

    Having seen both naturopaths and Chinese medicine/acupuncturists, I would recommend acupuncture as an adjunct to IVF. The naturopaths I saw were great at working with diet, supplements and herbs, but acupuncture can be done while on medications. Many practitioners won't give you herbs while you are on IVF medications.

    I had acupuncture leading up to and on either side of my transfer, and then weekly after that, and this cycle I got a BFP.

    All the best for your next FET

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    Hi Hope,

    I too am now a believer in acupuncture, my last preg even though ectopic i had acupuncture leading up to transfer and 1hour prior to and 1 hour after transfer. My clinic recommends it too, but like Numa said a lot of clinic do not like you to take herbs whilst on medications. The reason being is they actually do not know how these herbs will affect the IVF meds - so i say do the acupuncture if you feel comfortable about it.
    Drink lots of water, take care of yourself, but in the end its really up to the embie to implant and i really hope it works for you. :goodluck2:

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