thread: Fet transfer one blastocyst or two?

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    Fet transfer one blastocyst or two?

    Hi all,

    New to this forum. Trying decide on transferring one or two blastocysts. This is my second fet my first was bfp but resulted in blighted ovum (one transferred). Doc says I have a high chance of twins if two transferred. I'm 32 with male factor. Our embryos are from a cycle when I was 29. Any thoughts? Experiences? Successes?


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    hi, welcome to BB!
    that is a decision only you can really make. but we tf 2 each time. we had 6 embryos tf over 2 cycles. only 1 stuck resulting in my DD.
    for me I felt it increased our odds and if we did get twins it would have been less stress for me in terms of not needing to do ivf afain or atleast being happy to leave it for a few years. does yhat make sense?
    im personally uncomfortable with only having one child, and itching togetback into it to have a second.
    I don't know how that helps you but it really in a personal decision.

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    I would only do 1 even in my 40s. The risks for fetal mortality and other complications for twins are up to 6 times that of a singleton pregnancy. There is a thread about this somewhere but I'm on my phone tonight.
    I'm sorry for your loss.

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    We went with one both times, as much as we wanted children we did not want a multiple birth. Only transfer two if you are totally ok and prepared for twins.
    I agree with TT40 - ultimately only u and your partner can make this decision

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    Absolutely it all depends in whether or not you are open to the possibility of a multiple birth. We did several single ET, all if which were bfn and, as we had so many fert issues, we decided to throw all our eggs into one basket so to speak and transferred our only two embryos of the cycle having decided we were done should it fail. We were thrilled that we were lucky enough to get twins from that cycle, it means that I don't need to weigh up the minuscule chance of ivf working again for us a few years down the track because we have our family. In saying that, don't get me wrong as I love my girls to bits, twins are no walk in the park. It's damn hard work and I do find myself having pangs if singleton envy. But, I wouldn't swap my girls for all the tea in Chiba and I wouldn't have it any other way. Only you and your DH can make that decision. Good luck

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    I found this thread that may help.

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    Given that you had success with a SET (single embryo transfer) last time and you're transferring blasts rather than earlier stage embryos, I'd probably go with another SET if it was me.

    We transferred one for our first IVF and FET, but we transferred 2 every time after that (except FET#2, because we only had one embryo). Thing is, we were getting BFN after BFN and I had never been pg (until a surprise natural conception between IVF#3 and #4, which ended in m/c). We always had embryo quality issues and never had an embryo make it to blast in the lab (tried just once with 6 embryos and ended up with nothing to transfer).

    Our risk of twins was much lower than yours, so we were prepared to accept the risk. If our risk of twins had been as high as yours, I would have done SET each time.