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    Hi guys,

    As some of you are aware I had a BFN a week ago! The nurse suggested that I take a month break before I do another full cycle as I only have one frostie left and don't want to chance it!

    I was wondering if you could do another fresh cycle again without taking a month off? Has anyone ever done this? Is it possible?
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    Hi Kim!

    I realise you posted ages ago, but I don't seem to check the LTAC thread as much as the LTTTCAC!!!!

    We did a cycle last year about this time and got a BFN - we wanted to do another cycle back to back (we didn't have any frosties), but both FS & my acupuncturist wouldn't allow it as they said you need to have the bleed from the failed cycle & then a natural bleed just to make sure everything is ok.
    We were fine, and were planning to go ahead with the June cycle (the month in between) but due to over stimulating in the April cycle, I got a cyst and had to wait for it to leave before we could start again!!!
    It took a while, and we didn't end up doing another cycle until November... this was mostly due to $$$ more than anything else though!!!
    As long as you don't have any cysts, etc from your last cycle, they will let you go ahead as soon as you've had your next bleed after your BFN...
    Hope that helps


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    In all my IVF treatment...I had no months off, all were back to back whether they be fresh stims or FET's. My body coped ok and finacially wasnt an issue so I always felt better being pro active in treatment rather than waiting...
    Good luck

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