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    Hi I am new to this Forum. Everyone told me to come over to this one. I am currently taking Lupron Depo this will be my 3rd month. I am going for a HSG the end of May. Then my Dr wants to start me on both Clomid and Gonal-F. Anyone have any experience using both of these meds. I was DX with ADENOMYOSIS in January after a MRI. So we did the lupron for 3 months to shrink the mass in my uterus and it worked it was 1/2 its size after just 2 injections. The hot flashes were horrible(well are) but it is all worth it. A friend of my husbands told him to move out when I start the clomid and gonal-f. Do you think both of these meds will work?

    Good luck everyone. Any info you have will be great :bdust: :bdust:

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    Hi Carlie and welcome to LTAC
    I never had any emotional problems with Clomid so DH can step back from packing his bags just yet! Mind you that was many many years ago and after TTC for so long, I tend to forget the bad parts of cycling.
    I've used Gonal-F and Puregon (as well as Metrodin years ago). They say that GF and P are exactly the same, but I had a much better response to the P. I think one is natural and the other is synthetic - just can't remember which!
    I don't know anything about your condition but I think I saw a post about it in the Medical Conditions thread - was that you?
    Will your treatment work? Can't answer that one, you can only try!
    Good luck with your journey, I hope it's a short one for you.

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    Welcome to LTAC Carlie. I'm sure you'll find lots of support in these threads. Both this thread and the LT TTC &AC thread are great you can join either or both, whatever you feel comfy with. Just go have a lurk and you'll get the idea. all the Grls are great!
    Good luck with everything.

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    I hated Clomid - simply because it really messed with my emotions and state of mind.... but Ive never had response like that any other time, so I guess it will effect everyone differently. The good thing is it only lasts for the days that you take it, usually 5 days each month (I believe).

    Gonal, I respond very strongly too - super follicle growth- but again others hardly respond at all, so unfortunately its al about seeing how it works with you. I know that sucks as an answer but unfortunately it is often the case with all the ART...

    Hope your journey is short and sweet.

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