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Thread: IVF Australia? Is there anyone going through this clinic?

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    Hannah Guest

    Default IVF Australia? Is there anyone going through this clinic?

    Dear everyone,

    Is there anyone going through this clinic. I am with them and wanted to share results, protocols etc. Thank you

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    suzy Guest


    Hi Hanna,

    I've been through IVF Australia in Chatswood with Dr Frank Quinn, and am quite happy to answer any questions. I can speak very highly of them.



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    Hannah Guest


    Hi Suzy,
    Thanks for your response. Can you tell me anything about your protocol? I haave been thru 4 IVF. One miscarried and others did not make it.

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    suzy Guest


    Hi Heidi,

    Sorry to hear about your bfn cycles. I have had five stimulated IVF cycles and one natural FET with IVFA. I'm 41 in three weeks.

    With the stimulated cycles, I did the long protocol, down regging with synarel, for I think about ten days, starting from day 21 of my previous cycle. Then started gonal F initially at a dose of 225, but then as I overstimulated on my first cycle, it was subsequently reduced to 188.

    After 7-14 days of stims, I had EC, then grew to blast in all but one cycle (my last cycle, when our fertilization rate was low and we only had three embies). In my last cycle, I also had pregnyl for the last week or so of stims, in addition to the gonal F - this was because my LH was apparently low in previous cycles, and I was told that pregnyl in minute doses acts like LH. I also had aspirin in my last cycle.

    I was lucky in that I always responded well to stims for no particular reason, I had no PCOS, in fact we were unexplained. And we were also lucky to get my ds from our first cycle, so it made sense to do more of the same, in terms of just repeating what worked before. So I can't really comment on their flexibility in terms of trying new protocols.

    Good luck, and again sorry it hasn't been successful for you.

    Hannah - I've just noticed that you have Dr Persson. I know him as he has done a few of our transfers. He talks a lot, but I know that he works a little bit differently from the others in that I think he is an independant thinker and has his own ideas about different ways of doing things - which is good. Less conventional and I think he's very clever. I also think he's a very kind man - and will have your best interests at heart.
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