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thread: Long Term Assisted Conception - November 2005 #2

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    Melinda Guest

    Long Term Assisted Conception - November 2005 #2

    Welcome to the November thread! If you'd like to join the list, please include your details as per below and if you have any suggestions as to things that might like to be added to the list, please email one of your Forum Moderators!

    Name -
    State -
    My Previous Cycle Length -
    Cycle Type -
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC -
    Medications -
    Important Dates -
    Extra Info -

    Name - Baby~amore` (Trish)
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 33 (FET cycle with Pregnyl) , 22
    Cycle Type - Long down reg Stim cycle OCT / NOV
    Months of TTC - 12 years # 1, 12 months #2
    Medications - Elevit, cOq10, Synarel 13/10, Puregon 28/10
    Important Dates - opu 9/11 - 11/11
    Extra Info - Adopted DS 11yrs ago
    DD born still 1/9/04 @26 weeks no known cause of death
    IVF #1 & FET #1 BFN, FET#2 - Embryo failed thaw
    Right salpingectomy. Fibroids. Unexplained infertility.

    Name - Bee
    State - Vic
    My Previous Cycle Length - Non existent
    Cycle Type - Down reg
    Months of TTC - Nearly 3 years
    Medications - Pregnyl
    Important Dates - BT 10 November
    Extra Information - No AF since stopping pill in 2002, otherwise "unexplained" infertility

    Name - Blue Sky (Heather)
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 37 - 21 - 38 - 30 -45
    Cycle type - HRT FET (once AF shows... waiting waiting!)
    Months of TTC – Many years pre AC, 12 months AC, almost 12 months IVF
    Medications – None at present
    Important Dates – Waiting on AF – ETA 12/10

    Name: Leisa (firemansgirl)
    State: NSW
    My previous cycle length: 30 30 28
    Cycle Type:
    Months of TTC: 23
    Medications: Nil
    Important Dates:
    Extra information: Taking a break back for IVF #2 in May 2006

    Name: MargOZ (Marg)
    State: VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length: 23 - 25 - 31
    Cycle Type:
    Months of TTC: started process in 2004 & then 2 x DI, 1 x IVF in 2005 - unsuccessful
    Medications: Puregon, Orgalutron, Clomid, Pregnyl
    Important Dates: OPU 21-23 Nov
    Extra Info: Fibroids diagnosed & 7 removed Sep 04. 2 remain.

    Name - Shazey
    State - NSW
    My previous cycle length - 28 - 38 - 28
    Cycle Type - ICSI # 2
    Months TTC - Lost both fallopian tubes in 03, IVF ICSI 1 year
    Medications - Synarel, folic acid, multivitamins
    Important Dates - 20/10 commenced synarel, OPU November
    Extra Information - 3 ectopic pregnancies 99, 03 x 2, male factor

    Name - Sheree
    State - WA
    My Previous Cycle Length - 28 - 30
    Cycle Type - ICSI (Flare)
    Months of TTC - Since 98
    Medications - Clomid (100mg), Gonal F (300mg), pessaries, CoQ10
    Important Dates - Beta 24/10
    Extra Info - Dx: Endo, One Tube, ACA/ANA. ART History: 5OI, 4IVF, 1ICSI, 3PGD, 8FET (=21)

    Name - SuziQ
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 49 (stim) - 26, 28, 28 (stim - flare)
    Cycle Type - ICSI
    Months of TTC - 15 years (with a 4 year break)
    Medications - Elevit, Calcium, CoQ10
    Important Dates - 17/11 - ER appointment to discuss options
    Extra Info - 43 years old with no kids (yet). 11 years TTC with ex-hubby. Flying solo now

    Name - *Tam*
    State -
    My previous cycle length -varies
    Cycle Type:will be HRT FET
    Months of TTC -2 1/2yrs DD, 3 yrs #2, AC 1 year
    Medications - none
    Important Dates - January CD1 to start again
    Extra information - Endo, no right tube, 3m/c, 1EP.

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    Registered User

    Jul 2005

    can you please add me too the list

    Name: Leisa (firemansgirl)
    State: NSW
    Cycle length: 30 30 28
    Months of TTC 23
    Meds Nil
    Extra info Taking a break back for IVF #2 in May 2006

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    Registered User

    Feb 2005

    Hi to everyone.
    Wasn't going to add myself while taking a bread but thought I would since I plan on hanging around anyway.
    Name- *Tam*
    Prev cycle length-varies
    Cycle type- will be HRT FET
    Months TTC-2 1/2yrs DD, 3 yrs #2, AC 1 year
    Important Dates- January CD1 to start again
    Extra info- Endo, no right tube, 3m/c, 1EP.

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    Registered User

    Aug 2005

    Hi everyone
    Boo Sush, I can see you!!! :whistle:
    Woohooo Blue, glad you kicked up your heels. Um, do you remember how much though??? Leave the ticker - I want to see if it explodes. Glad AF is here for you and you can hop back on the merry-go-round - IYKWIM.
    Welcome Leisa - yep, take a break. Summer's a great time to do that.
    Nice that you're still here Tam. Please don't go anywhere!
    Keen - thinking of you, take care.
    Trish, good luck with EPU tomorrow. Hope you end up with nice healthy eggs just eager to turn into nice healthy embies!!
    Magic - hi if you're lurking....
    How's the counting down going Bee?
    Still sniffing away madly Shazey?
    Chris, read your post - woh - now I understand your nickname, unbelievable. :?
    Hmmm, I think that's everyone.
    Had a real lazy one today. Didn't wake til 8.30. Went back to sleep at 10am for 3 hours. Up at 1 and now I feel like I need another nap. Oh, I'm not very popular at work either for taking time off. Oh well.
    Hope you're all well and taking care of yourselves.
    :luck: :luck:

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    Melinda Guest

    All added Leisa & Tam

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Bee - how are you going ?

    Welcome Leisa & Tam

    Sue - how are J & C

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    Registered User

    Aug 2005

    Hi Trish
    J&C made me very sleepy today and nauseous. Nah, I know it's not them. It's the Pregnyl/infinity. I don't like the 'nyl' in Pregnyl, so I added infinity.
    How are you feeling about tomorrow?

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Very anxious about egg numbers -just want 'nuff to go to blasts and get me up the duff

    I worry too much .... ](*,)

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    Registered User

    Aug 2005

    I think we all worry too much. It's a prerequisite to get on the merry-go-round.
    I really hope you get lots of eggs, you had good follie numbers so you're on the right track.
    Please, try not to worry too much about blast transfers. If they get enough embies, they'll be able to do that. All is not lost though if you don't. Don't forget, lots and lots of bubs have been born that weren't blasts. Every IVF bub before 1995 in fact!!! That's 11 years worth!
    Otherwise, I may as well throw in the towel now!!!!
    Take care of yourself - you'll have a nice little sleep tomorrow and wake up to see a lovely number on the back of your hand.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Thanks for reassurance Sue

    They only have sedation not a GA - so even though I was out of it most of the time my DH said I was awake - LOL I can only remember start till IV sedation hit and legs going up in stirrups - till I felt :-s the last part of OPU and they told me it was almost over

    I have had a few sudden sharp pains today -hope it wasn't my ovaries popping out eggs -didn't have it last time

    I will be out of hospital and home before you put J & C down for their morning nap - then I will put myself on the couch ( NZ word I believe) and chin wag with my friend.

    Though getting up at 5.30am or so (might need a kip myself ZZZZ) This is easy compared to your 3am - that would be tough

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    Registered User

    Aug 2005

    You'll be just fine.
    Gee, it would be interesting for DH. Did they talk (the Dr and Scientists) about the eggs etc?
    Probably best for me to be out to it. I'd ask too many questions and annoy 'em.
    Sounds like you have the day well planned.
    Hope you find some time to tap and let us know how you go!

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    Registered User

    Feb 2005

    Trish, I'm a bit late so EPU will be all done by the time you read this so,
    Hope all went well & there's a big number of eggs getting aquainted with DH spermies.
    Take care of yourself, I'm sure your friend will help out.
    Well done!

    Bee & Sue, sounds like you're taking good care of your bubbas

    Heather, what's your plan of action, have you started your cycle, or breaking?

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    Registered User

    Sep 2005
    hervey bay

    Hi guys just thought I would check in and see how you all are
    Suzi how are you going in the 2WW I hope you are not stressing too much
    Trish my clinic using a twilight anaesthetic I thought I would be able to hear what was going on (like they do on TV) but I was really out of it.
    KeenI hope everything is going well for you,
    Blue,Leisa,TamandChris I hope you are all well
    As for me I am still sniffing madley, I think I will be sniffing for another week and then I will start jabbing, hopefully OPU will still be the end of November or the beginning of December

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Girls,
    Trish - hope you're recovering well after a huge harvest!! For my last EPU I didnt have a general - but whatever it was knocked me out, I dont remember a thing. DH came in with me and apparently I started snoring!! The Dr apparently made a joke about it.
    Hi Tam - I've decided to go again this cycle. Am a little ambivalent about it though and am still wondering whether I might be better off to wait. (hmmm that sounds as though I havent made my mind up at all!! #-o )I've managed to change my scan day so it's not on the same day as an exam. So hopefully I can plan the transfer around exams too!
    Good luck with the sniffing Shaz. It will be end Nov/Dec before you know it!
    How are you doing Sue & Bee?? Are you going to beat Ali's record with the POAS?
    Hi Sush, Keen, Sheree, Chris, Leis. Hope you're all well.
    Best get back to the books.
    Take care

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    Registered User

    Aug 2005

    Hey Blue, glad you finally get to have another go. I think it sounds like you've made up your mind. Maybe.
    How did you go Trish?
    Hi to everyone else.
    POAS. Huh? Moi? Ambivalent - that's such a good word Blue....
    Hmmmmm, plus, I only had my last Pregnyl shot on Sunday. 1500iu. I think that takes around 6 days to clear the system???
    Take care all.
    :luck: :luck:

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    Registered User

    Sep 2005
    hervey bay

    Hi guys I have an appointment with the clinic tomorrow Wed, I will have a blood test and probably start injections on thurs, so OPU should be about 2 weeks time, I will keep you all posted

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
    Add sushee on Facebook

    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness


    not sure how quickly pregnyl leaves your system. I haven't had any experience with it myself. I have heard differing stories though, but mostly that it absorbs at about 1000iu a day, but maybe someone who's had it before can confirm that information?


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    Registered User

    Aug 2005

    thanks sush. I've read 1000 a day on one site, 500 a day on another. So, who knows :smt102
    Some people say 4 days, some say 6, some say 10, some say 2 weeks. Hmmmmm, 2WW madness has settled I think.
    11dpo and still another 8 sleeps til beta.
    aaagggggghhhhhhhhhh 8-[
    But, really, I'm fine, really, fine....

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