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thread: Long Term Assisted Conception - October/November '05

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    confusedegg Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    Its ok.

    I have rung clinic again to find what the go is.

    All hormone levels are normal.

    It happens to be a rare occasion that a women can ovulate (in my case where i dont ovulate-is RARE) during AF.

    I had ovulate/d on/around day 1. (IYKWIM).

    Still have to go for BT on Thursday to make sure all levels are normal.

    Thank you

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Ladies,
    Chris - glad to hear you've sorted out what the levels mean!! I'll be doing a HRT FET however my clinic doesn't do BTs, just scans. So I'm not much help to you! #-o

    Sue - how are you in your w2 of tww? The crazy week as I recall! Hope J & C are sticking and burrowing and dividing and doing all the things they should!

    Trish - Glad your trigger went well! Fingers crossed for your EPU petal! And yay on 1300+ posts!

    Tam - I feel for you sweetie - it's not an easy road - just keep putting one foot infront of the other and you'll get there. Good luck with the weight loss. are you going to follow the diet plan through the books?

    Hi Melinda!! Welcome!

    Bee - how's your TWW coming along? Tempted to POAS yet?

    Keen - hows the jabbing coming along?

    Hi to anyone I have forgotten!

    The wedding was great. Just what the Dr ordered, a bit of R&R. All bets are now closed - AF arrived about a week ago (?) but not in her usual form. Will be doing a HRT FET later this month - hopefully I can fit in the appointments around exams!! When I get a spare mo I'll update the ticker... but its kinda fun watching it grow!!
    Take care girls

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Oh my just realised i can join this forum... it has been 12 months since DH and I started assisted conception.. not being nasty, but i really didn't think that i would end up in here.. please no offence taken ladies.. Even though we are on the TTC break at the moment, until at least May 2006, like Tam I can't keep away.. LOL!

    Anyway hope everyone is doing fine.. I am actually feeling really good at the moment, feeling much stronger and moving forward, other than the fact that i have my lap/hyst/D&C on friday, once that is over i know i will feel even better within myself, (unless of course they tell me in recovery there is no hope) but i do believe that will NOT be happening..

    Oh gotta go the people are here to install my new timber blinds...

    Talk about retail therapy...

    love leis xx

    ps next pay i think i am going to have to join as a member and support belly belly...

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