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Thread: Long Term Assisted Conception ~ December 2006

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    Alex Guest


    Thanks EJE, if we're going down that road I'll definately need some advice!

    Keen - that's great news! I was wondering what was happening with you. Not long to go now.

    Shaz - how are you travelling?

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    ann Guest


    Hello lovelies!

    Just wanted to pop in to say Hi to everyone.

    Sounds like there is heaps going on in everyones TTC quest. (go girls)

    I have been doing some research, and spoke to a professor the other day, I have found out some interesting info.

    With my DH problems with his abnormal sperm, we have found out that ivf would have never had helped ($30,000 later we find this out). The professor seems to think that I have been pregnant several times before(3 previous POAS BFP), but the problem is that very soon after implantation everything fails. I always thought that once the sperm fertilized the egg the sperms job was complete, apparently not so.

    So DH is back on all of his vitamins, protein supps and other revolting tasting concotions. (DH is taking this very personal now) He says if its the last thing he does, he will get me pregnant. Professor did say that these particular vitamins and things do have a significant improvement to sperm quality.

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    hey ann

    Just wondering if you could tell me all the vitamins and stuff your DH is on as my partner has low sperm count, low motility and low abnomaility( cant remember the proper name) but yeah the 3 big things they look at with sperm, my DP is low on all 3 of them ( DP call's it Homer Simpson sperm lol) and we are about to do another cycle of IUI and if thats not successful then we are heading to IVF ( when we can afford it) also where do you get these vitamins and concotions from? Thanks heaps darl,

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    ann Guest


    Yeh, we can relate to Homer Simpson syndrome (DH sperm have heads the size of melons - doh).

    DH is taking, here goes
    L carnitine
    protein powder
    vit E
    fish oil
    vit b
    colostrom (not from me, tablet form)

    I think that is it! All available at health food stores.(isn't too cheap either- 3 of these things cost us $168.00 on Sat)

    Also he has to eat heaps and heaps of spinach and green leafy vegies.

    A while back we had heard of this, and we tried it between ivf procedures. While doing so he did another SA, and instead of 100% abnornal sperm, he did have 2 % normal.(they do say it only takes 1 good one).

    Professor also told us that exercise is also the key, as it opens up the blood vessels and such other things and helps those little spermies along. Smoking is the biggest killer of sperm, DH gave up on boxing day and along with the vitamins and daily excercise he is really giving it a nudge

    If I can help in any way drop us a line, only happy to help

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    Thanks soooooooooo much for that ann

    there is alot of them isnt there?? lol and our sperm is very much like yours big melon heads plus a few extra tails here and there, oh well i love them no matter what they look like, even if it is homer sperm lol.

    My DP started the tony ferguson diet last week and he is doing so well, once he has lost most of his bulk he will be joining me on weight watchers, as i have lost 25 kilos so far in the last 3 yrs. As for smoking and stuff neither of us smoke plus DP doesnt drink anymore, i have the occasionally one here and there just to help me unwind.

    so hopefully with DP losing weight and taking the vitamins you have listed, fingers crossed when we get another SA done there will be a bit of an improvement, just like you said and my confidant FS said "we only need one good one."

    Once again thanks for that ann your a sweetie

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    My DH is also on very long list of vitamins and antioxidants to reduce any abnormalities in DNA. His list is much the same as yours and he says he is sure he rattles when he walks from all the supplements!

    He is on:
    VItamin D
    Vitamin C
    Multi - Vit which includes several important ones (folic acid, iodine, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E)

    So here's hoping this does the trick for us (and hope your recipe does the trick for you Ann - that is so sweet that your DH has made that commitment to you and sounds as though he really is taking it all serious - Fingers crossed for great results for you, matey!)

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    Hello all you lovely ladies.

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi .
    Hope you are all doing well and sending heaps of babydust to you all.

    Anne, Keen - you are both Lucky that you Hubbys take all their vitamins. Mine will only take Zinc. But something is better than nothing I guess.

    hugs to all

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    Hi there guys!

    Im not a regular on this forum- Im usually on the Ass conc forum. But I was reading what ann and keen wrote about abnormal sperm and I wanted to share what happened to us:

    My DH has 5% Sperm Morph (or 10% using the other criteria) we were told by two extremelly prominent and well respect FS in Sydney to go away- we will fall preg. Well we didnt! It took us till the third FS to tell us that DH wasnt going to get me preg- or if he did it would take a while so this month we are doing our first cycle of IVF/ICSI after two years of banging our heads against a wall!

    But I do know the following about abnormal sperm:
    My DH has had 3 tunnel assay tests done- which tests the DNA of there sperm. which is what I think Ann was talking about
    - the first one was done with the second FS- it came back at 12.5%- PEFRECT a high Fertility potential. Before the test he was ejaculating every day (I know TMI) and was putting an ice pack on his 'regions' every other day- as per drs instructions

    - second DNA test was done at our new FS it came back at 36%- Absolutly TERRIBLE! Low fertilty potential- he did not do any of the above before hand in preperation for it. We demanded another test done!

    - the third test- of our own accord we decided, even though the FS did not suggest it, to follow the same procedure as the first test! The result came in at 20% which is a GOOD to fair result. We believe that the ejaculating helped a lot!

    He is also under drs instructions taking coQ10, elevit and Vit E. He is going to have a fine needle aspiration for our ICSI cycle as the dr thinks this betters the sperm quality as the reason the DNA gets damaged is on its way out!

    Hope this helps!

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    We have a new exciting section for TTC Journals here guys! Enjoy!!

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    Hi guys... I will be on the TTC path again very very soon.. probably start again just before we head off overseas!

    Keen that sounds so promising .. i have good vibes for you sweets.. everyone else a HUGE hello..

    love and hugs

    leis xx

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    tiggy Guest


    Hi girls,
    Time to close this thread.
    Here is your new thread

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