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    Hi Girls

    I need your expertise. This is my first IVF cycle.

    I will be having my 9th injection of (150) gonal tonight. I has a U/S yesterday which showed 2 follies on my left ovary over 12mm and 6 on my right ovary over 12mm. She said when I come in on Monday for my next U/S I should have more than 8 follies and I would certainly like more than 8 follies thats for sure. So if they still aren't happy after 12 days of gonal can you still take more or will they cancel the cycle??????????



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    It can take between 11-16 days of injections to get the follies to a size big enough to harvest. They will probably want the lead follie to be around 20-22mm at harvest and they grow about 2mm a day at this stage. That said - I always seemed to have smaller follies than that when they went for pick up.

    Your clinic is right and you probably will find that you have more follies on Monday. At your stage, numbers can increase dramatically over a weekend. And I notice that you have PCOS on the right ovary so that makes it even MORE likely there'll be an increase. And if there isn't, don't panic - celebrate - it means you are making 8 top quality follicles instead.

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    Thanks Shar

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    i second what Kar has already said - and say Jade, am for you and your follies, hun. Really hope this first IVF cycle is the only one you ever need.

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