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Thread: Natural FET, progesterone level question.....HELP!!

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    Question Natural FET, progesterone level question.....HELP!!

    Hi Girls,

    I am trying to do a natural FET and trying being the word for it lol. I have done one once before but didn't O until day 21. This time they are being more thorough and doing bloods this time. Problem is my cycle maybe cancelled as they are saying my progesterone is higher than normal but nothing else is really happening such as a surge for O'ing. So far I have had 3 lots of bloods and I have everyone including a couple of Dr's are lost as to what is happening.
    I have to go for more bloods and a scan tomorrow to get the go ahead or not. I have pcos and out of all my cycles have never had a cancelled cycle before.

    Can anyone explain to me what is going on and what the progesterone has to do with it all, I'm so lost lol.

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    I just did a bit of a google and so far from what I have read it seems a low progesterone level has a risk of miscarriage. So I am not sure what a high level would mean. The levels that are normal according to this source are:
    Day 15-28 2-28 ng/ml

    It also says progesterone prepares the lining and keeps it thick, creates the cervical plug and prevents the uterus from having contractions. Nothing bad in all that!!

    Another article said that there is no upper limit for progesterone so it sounds like you can't have a level that is too high??

    I hope you get to go with this cycle as I know what it took for you to get back on that horse! Good luck!

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