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    Default New to forum but not AC

    Very nervous at being at a new forum, but needing a little extra support and this site was recommended.

    I'm Lisa, 33, happily married and mum to a nearly 3yo.

    I lost my first baby at 19wks back in 1997 (10 years this November). Not long after, I found out I had CIN III and had portions of my cervix removed. I was dx with Endometriosis when I was 18, then PCOS when I was 26. I've had 4 laparoscopies, and my left ovary partially removed (and it doesn't produce eggs so it might as well all be gone!). DH also MF.

    DH and I started ttc end of 2001, naturally for 2 yrs, then did 8 cycles of Clomid to conceive DS. He was 4 months old when I had another lap for Endo and advised to start again. We did a few natural cycles, 3 more Clomid cycles which resulted in a BFP but m/c at 7wks in June 2005. Started IVF/ICSI in July, had 2 cancelled cycles due to poor response, 3rd cycle gave us 7 eggs, 5 fertilised, first transfer BFN.

    I then got gallstones in December 2005, and after having gall bladder removed, a cycle of reoccuring Pancreatitis, which lead to liver problems put off ttc until September 2006, we did a natural transfer which failed and I ended up again with Pancreatitis, had a stent put in via ERCP and told to put off ttc until my liver had settled.

    We finally got the go ahead in January, and squeezed in an artifical FET in Feb, which resulted in a BFP, but m/c 2 weeks ago. Which leads us to here, waiting for the 6 weeks to recover and an appointment with FS to get moving again. I have 2 embryo's left, hoping one of these will take and be happy that our family is complete. If they don't, we need to think about whether we are able to keep going, will cross that path when it comes.

    Sorry, this got a little long winded. Dealing with some comments and judgements about our situation, from I think are well meaning relatives and friends, but need to be in an environment where people actually understand the journey and the struggles.
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    Hey Lis,

    Glad to see you here . You will love it here and the girls are fantastic and full of support just like you have been for me over the years.
    I am sorry for the loss of your Angels but know ours are all upstairs creating havoc over and over again.

    Lots of Hugs

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    Hi Sweety and thank you

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