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Thread: New to site ... but not new to ivf journey

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    Default New to site ... but not new to ivf journey

    Hello Ladies,

    I'm new to the site, have been on a uk one for the last 12 months, then came across this Ozzy site !!
    I'm 36 (DH 37) and beeen living in Adelaide for just over two years, since emmigrating from uk.
    (sorry gonna be a long one, as I feel the need to share)

    One beautiful healthy 9 yr old boy conc natrually (97),met new partner in 2000.
    Had a Ectopic in Jan 2001 .................then had a major seizure in Feb, diagnosed with epilepsy. Went on to M/C five more times over the next 3 years (all early).
    Year after moving to Oz was under Repromed for re-current miscarriage and had another Ectopic at 9-13 weeks (emergency op as remaining tube had ruptured).
    Last year embarked on the ivf rollercoaster and so it began ......................

    ICSI May 06 (6 eggs 2 fert) BFN
    ICSI Aug 06 (3 eggs 2 fert) BFN
    ICSI Oct 06 ("1" egg ........ went ahead with cycle, it didn't fert).

    Since then I have been in deep thought (with DH) about next step. I couldn't get my head around "egg donor". After going back to see consultant last week, I came out with a slight ray of hope !!
    They have agreed to do another cycle (although egg timer test shows low, poor quality eggs as perimenopausal). This time doing ICSI again and administering yet another injection "Luveris". I had not heard of this before, but apparently helps to give the eggs a "boost" during maturity.
    I am due to book on any day now !!!

    Have any of you special ladies got insperational stories to share about low egg count ect.

    I wish you all well on this "tough old ride",
    stay strong
    Reags X

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    2ndtimeround Guest


    Hi Reags, Welcome, this is a great place to be and support is plentiful. I am on the ivf journey although not as long as you have. I have had #2 ICSI cycles and about to go a third my DH is 46 and had a vasectomy 18 years ago so a reversal was not going to work. I am 40 and everyone told me that due to my age it was the luck of the draw if I have a baby. On my second icsi cycle their attitudes changed because I fell pregnant. Unfortunately I m/c early but all of a sudden my doctor who is a specialist in the field of infertility (like most ivf docs I would predict) changed his tune and said it was only a matter of time. He told me if you can fall pregnant then you can have a baby. That was all I needed to get myself on track. He said that after 40 the hit and miss rate is higher. I can't give you any inspirational stories that relate to poor egg quality because I have never chatted to anyone about it but i can tell you that I have many friends over 40 that have ridden the ivf rollercoaster and the natural ride and all of them now have healthy babies. One particular friend's husband had a vasectomy and after 6 attempts gave birth to a healthy baby girl and after another 2 attempts gave birth to twins, so there are plenty of inspirational stories out there. I have started visualising myself heavily pregnant and walking into the birthing unit, giving birth to healthy babies and holding them in my arms. I am also starting with an accupuncturist because both my clinic and a lot of the ladies here say it helps. This journey is a hard one but having people to support you and friends on the journey helps make the things that swallow you seem less overwhelming....Here is a great place to get that support. You can get my email from my profile if you would like to chat one on one sometimes. Take Care and stay focussed on the dream.

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    Hi Raegs,
    I'm newish to this site too but have had several ISCI cycles about 6years ago and am just about to start again!! I will be booking on in about 2 weeks with Repromed in Adelaide too so we will be about a fortnight apart on this rollercoaster. I'd really love to share the journey with you as I havent found many ladies from SA or who have been trying for as long as me either. I cant give you much advice on low egg count but I was worried my count was low. We are seeing DR Henshaw who is the medical director, and he said 6-8 eggs which is all I ever get, is the ideal. I had heard of girls who get like 50 eggs and thinking I was totally inadequate but he said that they prefer the low numbers for some reason. I think the quality is better and there is so much less risk to you. So take heart, you are in the best hands and remember it only takes 1!!! Wishing you all the best and looking forward to catching up with you soon. You can contact me by email anytime you want too.

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    Reags Guest

    Wink Good luck Tracey


    many thanks for your reply, so sorry I did not reply back to you earlier. We had decided to go away camping for a few days (trying to make the most of rest of summer).
    So you have been on the "rollercoaster ride" too !! takes it out of you hey ??
    Sorry to hear about your m/c, but encouraging words from Dr never the less. I know it takes time to heal from such a sad experience, but you have the courage to go forward.
    Accupunture is very popular hey ?? I haven't gone down that road yet, as I would need to look into it more (re my eplilepsy). But hey ........................ who knows, we have to try these things. I'm due on any day now, so just waiting to book on, so then it all begins again !!
    We hopfully are due to start synarel week begining 5th March. I've been on net trying to read more on this "luveris" drug Dr has recommended. It all seems very positive, but at this stage I shall give anything a try. I'm trying to eat more healthy and not drinking (bar 2 glasses of red at weekends) ................ well we need to keep our sanity hey ??
    I'm also trying to keep more active, I am going for long hour and a half walks on the beach every morning.
    Good luck to you and DH, let me know when you start icsi again, I shall keep checking this thread (although I'm not pc savvy, so need to work around it). As I'm typing this, it says you are on-line at the mo to, but I wouldn't know how to alert you !!
    Take care, thanks again for your encouraging words.
    Sarah X

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    Reags Guest

    Wink Adelaide girls !!

    Hi Sassafrazz,

    how you doing ?? Sorry for delay in reply to you, but as mentioned above we have been away camping for few days (to Goolwa, where it was cloudy and windy !!).
    I too am with Repromed and under a lovely consultant, Kelton Tremellen. I have hung onto his every word since this began a year ago. He actually invented what they call the "egg timer" test, this apparently gives an indication (through blood tests) as to how many eggs are possibly remaining. usually few eggs means poorer quality (as in my case). I'v never had high egg numbers either, but as you say maybe it is better to have slightly fewer (although above 6 would be nice !)as it could have something to do with the quality (who knows !!!).
    I'm now banking on this "luveris" injection they are incorperating into the cycle, we have to try anything at the end of the day hey ??
    Funny enough, it was Richard Henshaw who did my last ER, it was litrally at the last moment that he said "oh no, we didn't do an ID check". As I was on the verge of going "under" I drowsly muttered my medical number (in a military format), then "kappoot", I was out for the count. All I can remember is them laughing as I went under. I'm sure you would agree the whole staff there are absolutely brilliant. They have been so caring from the out-set. Have you been with them for the 6 years ??
    Sorry to hear it has been such a long journey for you and DH, you are so brave to continue after so long.
    Yep, we shall be cycling about 2 weeks apart (thats if you are doing the long protocol and not antagonistic). So it will be great to talk to you along the way. I'm due AF any day now, so waiting to book on. We are off camping again at weekend (Port Vincent) to keep us occupied. As you will see in above reply, I'm trying to keep busy to take my mind off things. I'm a stay at home mum, so until I know where we are at, I shall not be looking for work. I'v wanted too, but because of 3 cycles all close together last year I didn't think it was worth looking. Although at times, I'm sure it's just the tonic I need, as it will give me something to concentrate on !!
    Good luck in preparation, keep me upto date. Thanks for replying and your kind words.
    Sarah X

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    Hiya Raegs,
    lol, my name is Sarah too!! freaky.
    Thanks for the tip on Henshaw with the ID check hehehehe I will have toremember that if he does my pickup. Not sure what your new injection is but I guess they know what they are doing.
    Yes, I was with Repromed all those years ago but the company has changed a lot in that time, It used to be at Queen Elizabeth hospital and was run by the Uni of Adelaide. Now it is a private company and the location is muuuccch nicer. I didnt like to be in the recovery ward with "every man and his dog" and am thinking how much nicer it is that everyone there is going through the same thing as me. It makes me feel like less of a freak IYKWIM? How does it all compare with the uk treatment?
    Talk soon I hope.

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    Reags im sorry your having a hard time. I hope your dreams come true soon hun!!

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    *las* Guest


    Hi Reags!

    Another newie to the site but not to AC Have done an ICSI cycle, first 2 were cancelled due to poor response, third one got 7 eggs and 5 fertilised. We have 2 left, after 2 BFN's and a very recent m/c.

    Wishing you all the very best on your journey!

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    Default Thank you

    Hi Las,

    thanks for your support, I have only just got back on this sites after a few weeks off. My cycle was put back by two weeks as didnt respond with synarel. But back on track now and started puregon injections on Sat night. I am about to use another injection in conjunction with puregon called Luveris, start them on Thursday. This will probably be my last attempt at using my own eggs, so I am so desperate for it to work (4th time).

    Sorry to hear about your recent m/c, what can I say !!!! All we can do is pick ourselves up and soldier on .............................. but if your anything like me, you will have a quiet cry into your pillow at night and feel totally destroyed. All I can say is stay strong and find the strength to carry on. At least you have 2 embie angels left, you never know !!

    May lots of baby dust come your way and you have the very best of luck !!

    All the best
    Reags X

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    2ndtimeround Guest


    Hi Reag

    Sorry about taking this long to got in the way....and having to miss a couple of cycles played havoc with my mind.

    Well here I am at the end of another cycle and here you are getting yours on track ....I had epu today and I really think accupuncture has made a different to egg quality.
    They got 10 so thats good. I find out tomorrow if accupuncture helped quality but I am positive it did. I hope all goes well for you hon and that there is plenty of sticky baby dust your way.....

    Hugz Tracey

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    Default Hi there

    Hi Tracey,

    how you going ?? So did you find out if accupunture was any good re the egg quality ?? I bet it is (maybe a road I may have to go down myself). 10 eggs hey, thats great !!!

    I am still at the begining of ICSI, started the "egg booster" injection last night along with Puregon (tummy like a pin-cucshion). OHHHHHH I dont care, just so as I can have a bubba in my arms by the end of this horrible journey, it will all be worht it !!!

    Please let me know how you get on. I tried to find your details to contact you direct, but cant navigate to well around this web-site.

    All the best of luck and sticky baby dust,
    Sarah XXX

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