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Thread: OHSS signs and symtoms

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    Question OHSS signs and symtoms

    Can anyone help, I want to know what i should be looking for if I have OHSS. Sure it would only be mild but I was injecting puregon foe 26 days before I got to trigger. I was very uncomfortable before and at scan they told me that I had lots of small follicles that was why I was so uncomfortable. Had Trigger on Friday and I am still very uncomfortable if anything i think it is getting worse. When I move certain ways I get sharp pain and most of the time it is a dull ache. What else should I be looking for?

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    The biggest things you need to watch for are bloating and weight gain. Bloating could easily be caused by the gas they use for EPU, but when it's accompanied by rapid weight gain, you know you've got problems.

    I've been through two stints of bad OHSS, and have a very mild case of it now, simply because our first fresh transfer took... Each time I've had it I've become absolutely paranoid about watching my weight - I'd end up weighing myself after each time I used the bathroom to get some idea of how much fluid was sloshing about in my abdomen... The first one, which was the worst, I could actually see my weight rising by 5kg over the course of around 36 hours...

    If you want to avoid it, you need to rest as much as possible and make sure you keep your fluid intake up. Gatorade/powerade type drinks are good as if you are leaking fluid into your abdomen you can become quite dehydrated despite drinking heaps.

    Other indicators of just how much trouble you could be in with regards to OHSS are your final E2 numbers before EPU and how many eggs were collected. The two cycles I had OHSS badly enough to not be able to have a fresh transfer I had E2 levels around 15000 before trigger, and had 26 and 32 eggs collected. The third stim cycle where we got to transfer my E2 levels only got to around 8000 and I had 20 eggs collected.

    I hope this has helped in some way (forgive the vagueness of my brain, please!), and if there's anything you want to ask, please do. The one thing I learned (the hard way) is that if it is bad, hospital is the best place for you.


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    Hey Saph
    So sorry to hear your feelin so bad, big gentle hugs!! I think i mentioned in the TWW thread my OHSS symptoms but mine was mild (even though it didnt feel like it). Just try to take it easy, i know thats easier said than done with your busy little man and work and keep downing that disgusting powerade The main thing my FS said was to keep an eye out for vomiting and the first sign of it go to emergency, but i have to admit i came so close at 4am one morning and decided not to after having to worry about DS etc. BW was such a help too when i was going through it all so i would take what she says on board. I hate to say it but i hope it gets worse (not really really bad worse ) Just slightly worse as in BW and my case we went on to get our BFP !! Good luck sweet, really hope your doin O.K.

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