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    Hi Everyone

    I had my FET (8 cell) on Sunday after having a Trigger on the previous Tuesday. Went home after, laid on the lounge for the day and then took it easy the following day.

    Have been having mild cramps low in the belly, similar to AF but not as full on, an aching back and mild CM. I?m not on Crinone and haven?t had any meds other than the trigger. Also my system is whacked. Usually a 33 to 40 day cycle so it's way to early for AF.

    Yesterday afternoon (sorry may be TMI) after wiping there was a bit of CM that had a small reddish / brown speck in it. Am worried that it could have been the emby??

    It's to soon after transfer to be getting any positive symptoms isn't it?

    Has anyone had a similar experience?


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    Bec, it is common to have some small amount of spotting after transfer. your cervix is irritated when they're trying to get it lined up and insert the catheter, so it can "bruise" a little - hence a small amount of spotting. you CAN get implantation bleeding, but it's not really common, and i would guess it is too soon after transfer for this to be the case for you - implantation normally occurs somewhere around day 8 of embryo develoment (give or take a day or two) - i'm assuming your embie would be a day three at transfer, so still too early for that one... i doubt it was an embie leaving you yesterday - they're so tiny as to be invisible to the naked eye on transfer - and wouldn't have developed into a large enough mass to be visible overnight

    hoping you get your BFP very soon


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