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    Hey girls

    I do IVF and on the 15th-9 I had FET #4 (natural)No meds
    Ok Beta is on 29th-9 thur fri ans sat I had cramping like AF was coming and spotting (brown)...Then this morning AHHHHHHHHH AF arrived is it possible to still get a BFP ?????
    I have 2 children who I had naturally and I had AF for the first 3 months........
    Can this happen in IVF

    Any help to ease my mind..........

    Or is there no hope has this happened to any one then they have got a BFP

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    my clinic has always told me if i get AF, to stop taking pessaries etc. Unfortunately they say this means it has not been successful. Im sorry, I would love to tell you otherwise and do hope that perhaps I am wrong. My suggestion is call your clinic and see if they might do a test still if you are still thinking you might be pg...

    to you...

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    I too would like to tell you another story but I am the same, if I start to bleed then its normally all over. But in saying that I have had 2 friends who got full af and one has had bub and the other one is 13 w.


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    Hi Blaize!! I dont like to get your hopes up, BUT....If you had AF with the last two pregnancies for the first 3 months...There does seem like a glimmer of hope, perhaps the same thing is happening this time round? I hope for you, its all good.....Good luck....
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