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    Question recomendations

    it looks like I will be needing more surgery, and im really quite scared!

    My Fs is recommending that they attempt to remove the tubes again but this time with a more experienced microsurgeon. (Jim tasltas, Martin Healey)

    I have been doing some looking around and have found two, online at Monash IVF and one at MIVF.

    i guess i am just looking for any advice or recommendations, i am also aware of the restrictions that are now placed on bb with regards to negative experiences so would like to ask if you could pm me with these as these will all be relevant to my choice.

    this will be my last surgery for many reasons

    the first (and what i hope for) is that it will be a success.

    i have been in pain with this for the last four yeas and it is getting worse, many of you know my many early MC and i have said for years they should have sorted this out before IVF,

    thank you for any information on this
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